Tick Boot Camp

S1E107 - Under Her Skin - an interview with Melanie Hubert

Ms. Hubert was diagnosed with Lyme disease when she was 12 and by the time she was 25 she couldn’t shower or dress herself after an extreme relapse

4 months ago

Tick Boot Camp’s guest today is Melanie Hubert. Ms. Hubert is a 28-year-old personal trainer from Miami, Florida. Ms. Hubert was just 12 years old when she was diagnosed with Lyme disease. She was a troublesome child because of issues that stemmed from Lyme. In 2017, Ms. Hubert suffered from an extreme relapse. She was underweight, had severe skin issues, and couldn’t shower or dress herself. She had to move back home. Ms. Hubert then started seeing a holistic medicine doctor and began her Lyme treatment journey. If you would like to learn more about how Ms. Hubert stays so positive despite having had Lyme for more than half of her life, then tune in now!

The purpose of Tick Boot Camp is to help you liberate yourself and others from suffering caused by Lyme disease.