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Episode 400: Holistic Umbrella - an Interview with Kenzie Vath

Episode Summary: In this compelling episode of the Tick Boot Camp Podcast, we delve into the inspiring story of Kenzie Vath, a Lyme disease advocate, author, and board member of the Global Lyme Alliance. Kenzie opens up about her challenging journey with Lyme disease, the treatments she pursued, and how she transformed her struggle into a powerful advocacy platform.

Guest Bio: Kenzie Vath, an influential figure in the Lyme disease community, has made significant contributions through her work on the Board of Directors for the Global Lyme Alliance. She is the author of The Ignored Pandemic: Real Stories of Lyme Disease and holds a Bachelor's degree in Holistic Health. Kenzie Vath is the VP of Strategic Innovation for Pacific Hospitality Group, a family-owned hospitality management company in Irvine, California. Kenzie oversees asset management, including Capital Expenditure, Spa, Retail, Wellness, and Sustainability. In addition, she is the founder of Holistic Umbrella, a wellness-based lifestyle company providing coaching and inspiration to the Lyme community.

Key Points Discussed:

  1. Initial Diagnosis and Treatment: Kenzie’s journey began with a confusing array of symptoms that went undiagnosed for 10 years. She finally consulted with Dr. Dino Prato at Envita Medical Center, where she embarked on her initial treatment path after being diagnosed with Lyme disease and many co-infections.
  2. Exploring Holistic Approaches: Kenzie then sought the expertise of Dr. Chitra Bhakta in Orange County, California, further expanding her treatment options with a more holistic approach.
  3. Alternative Treatment Methods: Kenzie's exploration of healing continued with the Restore Kit from Vital Plan by Dr. Bill Rawls, offering a natural approach to managing her Lyme disease symptoms.
  4. Fecal Microbiota Transplant (FMT): A significant turning point in her health journey, the FMT played a crucial role in improving her gut health, which is vital in managing Lyme disease.
  5. Educational Pursuits and Advocacy: With a Bachelor’s in Holistic Health, Kenzie has not only educated herself but also contributes significantly to Lyme disease awareness. Her book "The Ignored Pandemic" sheds light on the struggles faced by those with Lyme disease.
  6. Board Membership and Community Impact: As a board member of the Global Lyme Alliance, Kenzie actively works towards raising awareness and supporting research in the fight against Lyme disease.
  7. Personal Insights and Advice: Kenzie shares her experiences, challenges, and victories, offering invaluable advice to others battling Lyme disease.

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Episode 399: Struggles into Strength - an interview with Christina Glowac

Episode Overview

In this episode of the Tick Boot Camp Podcast, we sit down with special guest co-host Kahlil Fuller and Christina Glowac, a Lyme disease survivor, author, and advocate. Christina shares her empowering journey through Lyme disease, the challenges she faced, and the strategies she employed to manage her condition. This episode is not just about Lyme disease but also about resilience, understanding, and adapting to life's unexpected challenges.

Episode Highlights

Introduction to Christina Glowac

  • Background: Christina Glowac is introduced as a significant figure in the Lyme disease community, known for her resilience and contribution through her book "Ninja Foods."
  • Focus of Discussion: The podcast focuses on Christina’s personal battle with Lyme disease, her family’s experiences, and the creation of her book designed for children with dietary restrictions.

The Origin of "Ninja Foods"

  • Inspiration Behind the Book: Christina discusses how her son’s diagnosis of Lyme disease at four years old led to the creation of "Ninja Foods."
  • Purpose of the Book: Aimed at helping children with chronic conditions, the book offers dietary guidance and emotional support.

Christina’s Lyme Disease Experience

  • Symptoms and Diagnosis: Christina shares her initial symptoms, the challenges in getting an accurate diagnosis, and the impact of the disease on her daily life.
  • Awareness and Education: She emphasizes the need for greater awareness and education about tick-borne illnesses.

Coping Strategies and Healing Journey

  • Importance of Lifestyle: The role of diet, movement, and sleep in Christina’s healing process is discussed.
  • Balancing Life and Health: Christina talks about managing Lyme disease symptoms while fulfilling her responsibilities as a mother and professional.

Navigating Misdiagnosis and Treatment

  • Challenges in the Medical Community: Christina’s struggle with misdiagnosis and skepticism from medical professionals is highlighted.
  • Turning to Holistic Approaches: The discussion turns to how Christina found relief in naturopathy and alternative treatments.

The Power of Alternative Therapies

  • Exploring Different Treatments: Christina shares her experiences with therapies like ionic foot detox and hyperbaric chamber treatment.
  • Financial Considerations: The conversation touches upon the financial aspects of Lyme disease treatment.

Children and Lyme Disease

  • Family’s Experience: Christina opens up about her children’s battles with Lyme disease and the importance of early detection and treatment.

Lifestyle Adjustments and Mental Health

  • Making Changes for Better Health: Christina discusses the adjustments she made in her diet and routine.
  • Mental and Emotional Impact: The mental health aspect of living with Lyme disease is explored.

Conclusion: Inspiration and Advice

  • Christina’s Perspective on Life: She reflects on how Lyme disease has changed her outlook on life and her desire to help others.
  • Practical Advice: Christina provides advice for those dealing with chronic Lyme disease, focusing on affordable treatment options and community support.

Final Thoughts

This episode with Christina Glowac offers valuable insights into the world of Lyme disease from a survivor’s perspective. Her story is a testament to the power of resilience, the importance of self-advocacy, and the strength of community in overcoming the challenges posed by tick-borne illnesses.

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Episode 398: Discovering Resilience - an interview with Ethan Peterson and Josh Lindorf


Welcome to a new episode of the Tick Boot Camp Podcast! In this insightful session, we're joined by Ethan Peterson and Josh Lindorf, who have significantly influenced the Lyme disease community. Their story gained attention after being featured on LymeDisease.org, sparking interest in their experiences and contributions to the community.

Childhood Friendship and Lyme Disease Connection

Ethan and Josh, childhood friends who reconnected in college, share their journey from early years to their struggle with Lyme disease. They discuss the potential link between their shared environment and the likelihood of contracting the disease, providing a unique perspective on community health and Lyme disease prevalence.

Education and Outdoor Exposure in Utah

Diving into their educational background, Ethan and Josh highlight how their upbringing in Utah, with its emphasis on outdoor activities, potentially increased their exposure to Lyme disease. They reflect on the lack of awareness and education regarding tick prevention and Lyme disease in their curriculum, underscoring the importance of incorporating these topics in health education.

The Impact of Lyme Disease on Daily Life

Our guests open up about the profound impact of Lyme disease on their lives. They recount their personal experiences with symptoms, misdiagnoses, and the transformative journey towards awareness and self-care. This section provides valuable insights into the often-overlooked aspects of living with Lyme disease.

Navigating Diagnosis and Treatment

Ethan and Josh share their diagnostic journeys, including the challenges they faced in obtaining accurate diagnoses and effective treatments. Their stories highlight the complexities of Lyme disease diagnosis and the importance of persistence and self-advocacy in the healthcare system. Treatments included Disulfiram, Dapsone, Ketamine, ozone, herbal antimicrobials, and oral and IV antibiotics.

The Role of MyLymeData in Their Lives

Discussing the significance of the MyLymeData project, our guests explain how it has been instrumental in their understanding and management of Lyme disease. They delve into the importance of data collection and community support in advancing Lyme disease research and awareness.

Personal and Spiritual Growth Through Lyme Disease

Exploring the intersection of faith and health, Ethan and Josh discuss how their experiences with Lyme disease have shaped their spiritual beliefs and personal growth. They emphasize the role of hope, resilience, and community support in their healing processes.

Advocacy and Community Contribution

Our guests reflect on their roles as advocates in the Lyme disease community. They share their motivations for helping others, the importance of spreading awareness, and their efforts in creating platforms for education and support.

Conclusion: A Message of Hope and Resilience

Ethan Peterson and Josh Lindorf's journey with Lyme disease is a testament to the power of resilience, awareness, and community support. Their story serves as an inspiration and a call to action for greater understanding and advocacy in the fight against Lyme disease.

About the Tick Boot Camp Podcast

The Tick Boot Camp Podcast, hosted by Matt Sabatello and Rich Johannesen, aims to empower individuals affected by Lyme disease and other tick-borne illnesses. Through sharing stories, building community, and fostering belief in healing, the podcast provides a platform for support and success modeling.

Episode 397: Healthfully U - an interview with Dr. Brad Montagne

Welcome to episode 397 of the Tick Boot Camp Podcast. Today, we're thrilled to share our interview with Dr. Brad Montagne, a highly experienced functional medicine doctor with a unique perspective on Lyme disease. Dr. Brad Montagne, is a seasoned functional medicine doctor from Asheville, North Carolina.

Key Topics Discussed:

  • Dr. Montagne's Early Life and Challenges:
    • Childhood struggles with chronic illness.
    • The journey towards functional medicine driven by a quest for deeper health understanding.
  • Exposure to Lyme Disease:
    • Personal and professional encounters with tick-borne illnesses.
    • Insights into the complexity of Lyme disease and the limitations of current diagnostic methods.
  • Understanding Lyme Disease: Threat x Vulnerability:
    • Dr. Montagne's agreement with the formulaic approach to assessing Lyme disease risk.
    • The importance of evaluating both external threats and individual vulnerabilities.
  • Educational Journey and Medical Practice:
    • Dr. Montagne’s rapid educational progression and experiences in California.
    • Establishing a medical practice and encountering Lyme disease cases.
  • Stress and Its Impact on Health:
    • Discussion on how stress leads to immune suppression and increases vulnerability to infections like Lyme disease.
  • Dr. Montagne's Personal Health Battles:
    • Dealing with immunosuppression.
    • Lifestyle changes, dietary adjustments, and the use of specific supplements for recovery.
  • Functional Medicine Approach to Treatment:
    • Emphasis on foundational nutritional needs.
    • The role of detoxification and natural remedies in treating Lyme disease and other conditions.
  • Lifestyle Changes for Healing:
    • The importance of hydration, proper diet, and the elimination of toxic relationships for health and recovery.


  • A heartfelt thank you to Dr. Montagne for his invaluable insights and contributions to understanding Lyme disease and functional medicine.

Thank you for tuning into this episode of the Tick Boot Camp Podcast. We hope Dr. Brad Montagne's story and insights have been both informative and inspiring. For more episodes and Lyme disease resources, visit our website or follow us on our social media channels.

Episode 396: Lyme Unmasked - an interview with Heidi Hayes


  • Rich Johannsen, co-host, welcomes the audience to the Tick Boot Camp Podcast.
  • Rich introduces guest co-host Maria Mooney, who is filling in for Matt Sabatello.
  • Maria and Rich express their excitement about having Heidi Hayes as a guest on the show.

Getting to Know Heidi Hayes

  • Heidi shares her background, growing up in Southern Ontario near Toronto and Buffalo.
  • The conversation touches on Heidi's early life, being a good student, and her vision of becoming an entrepreneur to make a positive impact on the world.

Heidi's Health Journey

  • Heidi discusses her health journey, initially experiencing immune dysfunction and a lack of energy.
  • The discussion includes Heidi's diagnosis of Lyme disease, her initial relief at finding an explanation for her health issues, and her trust in the medical system.
  • Heidi highlights the challenges faced by individuals with chronic illnesses within the healthcare system.

Lyme Disease Complexity

  • The conversation delves into the complexity of Lyme disease, considering the diverse nature of tick bites and the range of symptoms.
  • Heidi emphasizes the importance of understanding the various elements that contribute to Lyme disease's complexity.

The Search for Effective Treatment

  • Heidi shares her journey to find effective treatment for Lyme disease and related issues.
  • She discusses her experience with mold toxins, her visit to the Venn Med Clinic in Toronto, and the challenges she faced in finding the right treatment plan.
  • Heidi highlights the role of Dr. Donald Dennis in her journey and the positive impact of her treatment.

Life After Treatment

  • The discussion explores Heidi's life after successful treatment, including her gradual recovery and newfound abilities.
  • Heidi talks about her ability to exercise and the importance of celebrating small victories during the healing process.

Lyme Disease Awareness and Advocacy

  • The conversation shifts to Lyme disease awareness and advocacy efforts.
  • Heidi encourages individuals to advocate for themselves and seek proper testing and treatment.
  • The importance of raising awareness within the community is discussed, as well as the value of sharing personal stories to support others.

Closing Remarks

  • Rich, Maria, and Heidi express their gratitude for the opportunity to discuss Lyme disease awareness and advocacy.
  • They encourage listeners to get tested and advocate for their health, emphasizing the importance of early detection and treatment.


  • Rich thanks the audience for tuning in to the Tick Boot Camp Podcast.
  • He invites listeners to explore more episodes and resources on Lyme disease awareness and advocacy.

Episode 395: Treasure Valley - an interview with Jacob Rosenbaum

Introduction: Welcome to another episode of the Tick Boot Camp Podcast! We're thrilled to have Jacob Rosenbaum with us today, sharing his remarkable journey through Lyme disease and the integrative approach that helped him reclaim his health. Joining us as a special guest co-host is Ryan Courneya, whose insights as a previous guest and Lyme disease survivor add a unique depth to our conversation.

Jacob's Story: Jacob dives into his childhood, detailing his early years in a picturesque community and his deep bond with his sister. He reflects on the challenges of growing up sensitive and the shock of his Lyme diagnosis, highlighting his journey from initial symptoms to a comprehensive treatment plan.

Medical Journey and Diagnosis: Jacob recounts the familiar story of navigating the medical system, consulting various specialists, and eventually being diagnosed with Lyme disease. His initial relief at having a diagnosis quickly turns to fear as he delves into research about his condition.

Approach to Healing: Jacob's healing journey is multifaceted, incorporating both traditional and alternative therapies. He discusses how he initially pursued conventional treatments, including long-term antibiotics, before exploring other healing modalities.

Integrative Modalities and Lifestyle Changes:

  1. Lasers: LPS Therapy
  2. Acupuncture: Regular sessions (1-2 times a week)
  3. Antibiotics: Doxycycline (Note: Requires medical supervision)
  4. Herbs: Core Protocol, Teasel Root Tincture, Wind Tea (Green Dragon Botanicals)
  5. Rife Machine: Resonant Light
  6. Intuitive/Shamanic Healing: (Contact Jacob for references in Northern Virginia)
  7. Whole Foods Diet: Focusing on unprocessed food, clean carbs, and quality fats
  8. Exercise: Gradual progression in weightlifting and resistance training
  9. Temperature Stress Training: Implemented alongside weight training
  10. Helping Others: Engagement in community service and support groups

Jacob's Complete Approach:

Section 1: The Foundation

  • Diet and lifestyle changes
  • Emphasis on quality sleep and hydration
  • Gentle introduction to exercise and movement

Section 2: Pathogen Removal

  • Utilization of lasers, Rife machine, and both Western and Chinese herbal remedies

Section 3: Detoxification

  • Techniques like dry sauna, exercise-induced sweating, and breathing exercises
  • Incorporation of fasting and detox supplements

Section 4: Emotional & Spiritual Healing

  • Personal growth through modalities like acupuncture, shamanic sessions, and traditional therapy

Conclusion: Jacob's story is a testament to the power of an integrative approach in tackling Lyme disease. His journey, marked by resilience and openness to various healing modalities, offers hope and guidance to others navigating similar paths.

Thank you, Jacob, for sharing your inspiring journey with us, and to Ryan for enriching this episode with your perspective and experience. To our listeners, we hope this episode provides valuable insights and encouragement in your own journeys.

Episode 394: Lyme in Tijuana - an interview with Luis Antonio Martinez

In this powerful episode of our Tick Boot Camp Podcast, we delve into the inspiring story of Luis Antonio Martinez, known to friends and colleagues as Antonio, from Tijuana, Mexico. His journey is not just a tale of personal struggle and resilience, but also a beacon of hope for many facing similar health challenges. Join us with special guest co-host Tiffany Perez and Tick Boot Camp host Matt Sabatello as we explore Antonio's path to wellness, offering hope and guidance to others facing similar health battles.

  • Guest Introduction: We're joined by Luis Antonio Martinez ("Antonio"), hailing from Tijuana, Mexico. His experience with misdiagnosis and eventual triumph over a severe health condition offers invaluable insights.
  • Symptom Onset and Struggle: Antonio's health issues began with troubling symptoms, including headaches, Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS), dizziness, dysautonomia, tingling, muscle twitches, and facial paralysis (Bell's Palsy).
  • Journey Through Misdiagnosis: For years, Antonio's symptoms were attributed to stress and anxiety, leading to significant frustration and psychological strain. His persistence in seeking answers is a central theme of his story.
  • Breakthrough Diagnosis: The turning point came with a visit to the renowned Dr. Jose Antonio Calzada, who employed dark field microscopy to diagnose Antonio with Lyme disease, a turning point in his journey to recovery.
  • Comprehensive Treatment Approach: Antonio's treatment plan was multifaceted, including a three-month course of Cefixime (Suprax) antibiotics, Fluconazole for candida, Biocidin LSF, activated charcoal as a binder, IV glutathione, probiotics, prebiotics, and an array of vitamins (B, D, C), among others.
  • Conclusion: Antonio's story is one of determination, resilience, and hope. His experiences highlight the importance of persistence in seeking accurate diagnosis and effective treatment. His recovery journey sheds light on the complexities of Lyme disease and the need for comprehensive treatment approaches.

Episode 393: Lyme, Ticks, and You - an Interview with Shelley Ball

Introduction: Welcome to Tick Boot Camp, the go-to podcast for Lyme disease advocacy and awareness. In today's episode, we're honored to host Dr. Shelley Ball, a distinguished researcher and Lyme disease warrior. Join us as we delve into her personal battles with Lyme, her professional insights, and her mission to educate and empower others with special guest co-host Aimee Packer.

Guest Bio: Dr. Shelley Ball, PhD, is a scientist and Lyme disease advocate with firsthand experience battling this tick-borne illness. After encountering the debilitating effects of Lyme, she has become a vocal proponent for change in public health policies and patient care.

Key Topics Discussed:

  • Lyme Disease in Tropical Climates: Dr. Ball discusses her alarming experience with seed tick balls and the ease of contracting Lyme disease in such environments.
  • Healthcare System Flaws: Our guest reflects on the misinformation surrounding Lyme disease prevention and treatment in public health systems.
  • Balancing Outdoor Activity with Disease Prevention: The therapeutic role of nature is weighed against the need for vigilance against ticks.
  • Navigating the Medical Landscape: Dr. Ball shares her story of misdiagnosis and the struggle to find effective treatment within a rigid healthcare framework.
  • Functional Medicine as a Beacon of Hope: Learn about Dr. Ball's turn towards functional medicine, focusing on holistic healing strategies.
  • Lyme Disease and Mental Health: The discussion addresses the psychological struggles that accompany Lyme, highlighting potential benefits of neural training and psilocybin.
  • Empowering Through Education: Dr. Ball talks about her book and how it serves as an educational tool for those impacted by Lyme disease.
  • The Fight for Adequate Treatment: This segment explores the controversial limitations on Lyme disease treatments compared to other conditions.
  • Reflections on Living with Lyme: Dr. Ball offers insights into the complexities of managing Lyme disease amidst the demands of adulthood.

Resources Mentioned:

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Special Thanks: A heartfelt thank you to Dr. Shelley Ball for sharing her powerful story and to all of you for listening and supporting our mission. Until next time, stay tick-aware and take care.

Episode 392: Finding Resilience - an interview with Rachel and Dorothy Leland


  • Welcome to the Tick Boot Camp Podcast! In this episode, hosts Matt Sabatello and Rich Johannesen are honored to welcome Dorothy and Rachel Leland, the mother-daughter duo behind the compelling book, "Finding Resilience: A Teen’s Journey Through Lyme Disease."

About Our Guests:

  • Dorothy and Rachel Leland share their personal and profound journey battling and overcoming Lyme disease, a story vividly captured in their book, "Finding Resilience: A Teen’s Journey Through Lyme Disease."

Discussion Highlights:

  1. The Origin Story: Dive into the reasons behind writing "Finding Resilience," exploring the unique mother-daughter narrative structure that provides a dual perspective on their Lyme disease journey.
  2. Family Support Systems: Unravel the critical role of family, especially Rachel’s father, Bob, in providing unwavering support throughout their ordeal.
  3. Medical Challenges: Understand the initial symptoms, the struggle for a correct diagnosis, and the skepticism faced from the medical community.
  4. Diagnosis and Treatment: Explore the complexities surrounding Lyme disease diagnosis and treatment, highlighting the resilience and determination the Lelands demonstrated.
  5. Alternative Therapies and Mindset: Delve into the exploration of alternative treatments, including chiropractic care and Dynamic Neural Retraining System (DNRS), and discuss the impact of mindset in the healing process.
  6. The Mold Factor: Discover how environmental factors like mold exposure played a significant role in Rachel's health and their approach to overcoming it.
  7. Community and Advocacy: Discuss the support and guidance received from online communities and support groups, emphasizing the importance of shared experiences.
  8. Themes of Resilience and Hope: Reflect on the overarching themes of resilience and hope that define the Lelands' story.

Resources Discussed:

End Note:

  • Thank you for tuning in to this inspiring episode of the Tick Boot Camp Podcast. We hope Dorothy and Rachel's story has enlightened and motivated you. Remember, you're not alone in your journey. Share your thoughts on this episode, and let's keep the conversation going. Don't forget to subscribe for more empowering stories and insights.

Contact Information:

  • Reach out to us with your comments, suggestions, or personal stories at our website, TickBootCamp.com. You can also connect with us on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, YouTube, Twitter, and Threads for more updates and engaging content.

This podcast episode is a must-listen for anyone interested in understanding the complexities of Lyme disease, the power of resilience, and the importance of family and community support in navigating health challenges.

Episode 391: Lyme Liberation - an interview with Ryan Courneya

  • Introduction:
    • Ryan Courneya is a Lyme disease advocate who delved deep into the intricacies of this illness for years after getting sick and now wishes to share his discoveries and experiences with others.
  • Ryan's Initial Experience with Lyme:
    • Ryan didn’t perceive ticks as dangerous, but hindsight reveals their threat.
    • Endured stress from an intense lifestyle, leaning on exercise and supplements for relief.
    • Pursued a career in marketing at Sanford Health, later transitioning through various sales positions.
    • Began to notice health symptoms intensifying, wondering if they were linked to factors like caffeine intake.
  • Medical Journey:
    • Consulted primary care for routine evaluations.
    • Misdiagnosed with occipital neuralgia and sudden onset depression and anxiety, but his health issues persisted.
    • Felt that numerous doctors disregarded his symptoms.
    • A friend proposed that his health issues might stem from Lyme, an idea that was both alarming and affirming for Ryan.
  • Treatment and Recovery:
    • Tested and found positive for European and American strains of Borrelia Burgdorferi, as well as Babesia Microti, Cytomegalovirus (CMV), Parvovirus, and Epstein-Barr Virus (EBV).
    • Leveraged IV Ozone Therapy with an Ultraviolet (UV) component to combat Lyme bacteria.
    • Incorporated the WAVE1 device by FREmedica, a frequency therapy instrument.
    • Used herbal supplements, particularly Doctor Bill Rawls' Lyme protocol grounded in Stephen Buhner's research.
    • Advocated for a proactive mindset as pivotal in the healing journey.
  • Further Exploration and Treatment:
    • Addressed potential mold concerns and explored methodologies for testing both his physique and residence for mold.
    • Investigated treatments tailored for related viruses.
    • Experimented with methylene blue, deducing it's most effective when combined with red light therapy.
    • Underwent SOT Therapy, a method crafted to pinpoint and exterminate specific pathogens. In Ryan's case, it was directed at Borrelia Burgdorferi, the Lyme-inducing bacterium.
  • Conclusion:
    • Ryan emphasizes that while it's beneficial to reduce and manage pathogens, one doesn't need to eradicate all of them to maintain good health. He notes that certain microbes, like EBV, might remain but can coexist with a strong immune system in a balanced state.
    • Stresses the significance of understanding one's life purpose in confronting chronic diseases.
    • Ryan continues to assist others by recounting his journey.

For a deeper insight into Ryan Courneya's healing trajectory and the therapeutic methods he embraced, tune into the complete episode on our website or any primary podcast platform.

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