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Episode 413: Lyme Liberation - an interview with Daniel Wagner

In this inspiring episode of the Tick Boot Camp Podcast, we sit down with Daniel Wagner from Cincinnati, Ohio, to delve into his challenging yet enlightening journey with Lyme disease. At 33 years old, Daniel shares his experiences from a high-flying career in the corporate world to battling severe symptoms that left him bedridden. Our special guest co-host, Alexander Brook Clark, helps navigate Daniel’s story from his active life before Lyme through to his ongoing recovery process.

  • Early Life and Background:
    • Born in California and lived in various states due to his father's military career.
    • Daniel’s adventurous childhood and the influence of his parents' story.
  • Initial Symptoms and Misdiagnosis:
    • Onset of severe symptoms like heart issues, nerve pain, and dysautonomia in July 2021.
    • Journey through 18 different doctors and misdiagnoses, including potential MS, POTS, IST, and MVPS.
  • Diagnosis and Treatment:
  • Living with Lyme:
    • Insights into daily challenges and the adjustments necessary to manage chronic Lyme.
    • The importance of diet, stress management, and self-advocacy in the healing process.
  • Advice for Others:
    • Tips for those currently fighting Lyme and other tick-borne diseases.
    • Preventative measures for those looking to protect their families from tick diseases.

Episode 412: Collaborative Care - an interview with Leanne Dalton

In this deeply inspiring episode of the Tick Boot Camp podcast, we sit down with Leanne Dalton and her daughter, Claire Dalton. Leanne, a 65-year-old entrepreneur from Utah, shares her harrowing yet uplifting journey battling Lyme disease. Diagnosed later in life after years of misdiagnoses and suffering, her story is enriched by Claire's insights and shared experiences, highlighting not just the challenges of living with Lyme disease but also their profound spiritual journey and holistic approach to healing. Join us as Leanne and Claire discuss the trials, treatments, and triumphs they have experienced on their path to recovery.

  • Introduction
    • Introduction of the episode, guests Leanne and Claire Dalton.
    • Brief overview of Leanne’s background, her struggle with Lyme disease, and Claire’s role in her journey.
  • Early Symptoms and Challenges
    • Leanne shares her initial experiences with Lyme-like symptoms following a vaccination at age 12.
    • Discussion of the progression of her symptoms and the impact on her schooling and early life, with Claire adding her perspective on witnessing her mother’s health challenges.
  • Navigating Misdiagnoses
    • Leanne recounts the long and frustrating journey to a correct diagnosis, supported by Claire’s observations and their family's experiences with the healthcare system.
    • Exploration of the various misdiagnoses and treatments Leanne underwent over the years.
  • Diagnosis and Comprehensive Treatment
    • The moment of diagnosis: How it came about and Leanne’s initial reactions, with Claire discussing her simultaneous diagnosis and treatment experiences.
    • An in-depth look at the various treatments they pursued, from conventional medicine to alternative therapies such as IV ozone, red light therapy, and more.
  • The Role of Spirituality and Personal Growth
    • Leanne and Claire discuss how spirituality played a crucial role in their recovery.
    • Insights into how they use their faith and personal research to manage their health.
  • Advocacy and Advice
    • Leanne and Claire’s efforts in Lyme disease advocacy and community support.
    • Practical advice for those currently battling Lyme and other tick-borne diseases, shared from both generational perspectives.
  • Preventive Measures and Environmental Awareness
    • Tips on preventing Lyme disease and promoting a healthy, toxin-free lifestyle.
    • Discussion on the importance of understanding environmental impacts on health, with contributions from both Leanne and Claire.
  • Closing Thoughts
    • Reflections on their journey and how it has transformed their lives and outlooks.
    • Encouragement and empowering words for listeners dealing with similar challenges.
  • Outro
    • Summary of key points discussed.
    • Thanks to Leanne and Claire Dalton for sharing their stories.
    • Reminder for listeners to subscribe and follow Tick Boot Camp for more inspiring stories.

Resources Mentioned:

Episode 411: Calm Brain - an interview with Dr. Roseann Capanna-Hodge

In this compelling episode of the Tick Boot Camp Podcast, we delve deep into the intricacies of healing from Lyme disease and related conditions with the esteemed Dr. Roseann Capanna-Hodge. A pioneer in addressing the neurological and psychological impacts of chronic diseases, Dr. Roseann shares invaluable insights into navigating the complex path toward healing.

Understanding Healing on Its Own Terms

Dr. Roseann emphasizes the individual nature of healing, challenging the notion that recovery must adhere to a predefined timeline. This discussion opens up a crucial conversation about the importance of prioritizing health and wellness over societal expectations, especially for those battling chronic illnesses.

Grieving and Growth: The Emotional Journey

Highlighting the emotional rollercoaster families face upon diagnosis, Dr. Roseann discusses the grief process, the acceptance of a new normal, and ultimately, the creation of a path forward. Her personal experiences and professional expertise shed light on the necessity of acknowledging and working through these emotions as part of the healing process.

The Critical Need for a Holistic Approach

A key focus of the episode is the shortcomings of the current medical system in adequately addressing Lyme disease, PANS, and PANDAS. Dr. Roseann advocates for a comprehensive, five-pronged approach to treatment that includes addressing infections and toxins, supporting the immune system, focusing on mental health, providing behavioral and parenting support, and regulating the nervous system.

Confronting Misinformation and Misdiagnosis

Dr. Roseann and the hosts discuss the pervasive misinformation about Lyme and tick-borne illnesses, including the critical issue of misdiagnosis by medical professionals. The conversation underscores the need for greater awareness and education among both the public and healthcare providers.

The Integral Role of Nervous System Regulation

The discussion turns to the significance of nervous system regulation in the healing journey. Dr. Roseann explains how chronic sympathetic dominance can hinder recovery by impacting immune response, hormonal balance, and overall well-being, making the regulation of the nervous system a cornerstone of effective treatment.

Overcoming Challenges in the Medical Community

Addressing the issue of medical gaslighting, Dr. Roseann shares her insights into the dual challenges faced in both the physical and mental health sectors. She stresses the importance of advocating for proper treatment and recognition of Lyme disease and associated conditions as complex medical issues requiring specialized care.

Episode Insights

This episode is a must-listen for anyone touched by Lyme disease, tick-borne illnesses, or chronic conditions, offering hope, understanding, and actionable advice for navigating the healing journey.

Rich Johannesen and special guest co-host Liza Blas focus this episode on the insights and expertise of Dr. Roseann Capanna-Hodge, whose work in the field of Lyme disease and chronic illness continues to inspire and support countless individuals and families on their path to recovery.

For further information, resources, and support, join the Tick Boot Camp community and explore additional episodes that foster understanding, advocacy, and healing. Catch this and other episodes for a deeper dive into the lives and recovery stories of those battling Lyme disease and tick-borne illnesses.

Episode 410: Lyme in Norway - an interview with Paola Giometti

Join us in this compelling episode of the Tick Boot Camp Podcast as we explore the journey of Paola Giometti, a Brazil-born biologist now residing in Tromsø, Norway, who has been navigating the challenges of Lyme disease. Alongside our host, Matt Sabatello, and special guest co-host, Max Noir, we delve into Paola’s personal and professional life, her battle with Lyme disease, and her insights on overcoming the struggles associated with this tick-borne illness.

  • Introduction to Paola Giometti: Learn about Paola's background as a biologist specializing in cancer research, her early life in Brazil, and her move to Norway.
  • Early Symptoms and Misdiagnoses: Paola shares her experience with the onset of Lyme disease at 11 years old, the chronic fatigue, muscle weakness, and the series of misdiagnoses that followed.
  • The Lyme Diagnosis Journey: Discover the long and arduous path to receiving a proper Lyme disease diagnosis at the age of 39, including the challenges faced within the medical community in Norway and Brazil.
  • Treatment and Recovery: Paola discusses her treatment regimen, including the use of combination antibiotics and supplements, and the impact on her daily life and symptoms.
  • Life with Lyme: Insights into how Lyme disease has affected Paola's professional aspirations, social life, and her dream of being an athlete.
  • Advice for Lyme Warriors: Paola offers her advice to others battling Lyme disease and other tick-borne illnesses, emphasizing the importance of seeking a specialist and advocating for one's health.
  • Paola's Message of Hope: Despite the challenges, Paola shares a message of resilience and hope for others suffering from Lyme disease.

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Episode 409: Armur Health - an interview with Alexandra Brook-Clark

Welcome to a deeply inspiring episode of the Tick Boot Camp Podcast, where we sit down with Alexandra Brook-Clark, a resilient Lyme disease warrior, who has transformed her battle with Lyme into a mission of helping others. Residing in Marblehead, Massachusetts, Alexandra shares her incredible journey from blissful days in Brooklyn, New York, to facing the stark realities of Lyme disease and co-infections. Now, at 39, Alexandra's story is not just about struggle; it's about overcoming, learning, and thriving. Emma Pikoulas joins Matt Sabatello as a special guest co-host for this powerful interview.

Alexandra's Background:

  • Name: Alexandra Brook-Clark
  • Age: 39
  • Location: Marblehead, Massachusetts
  • Professional Background: Transitioned from a decade in the fashion industry to working in Workers Compensation Risk Management for her family's company. Alexandra has also embraced a role as a Lyme disease advocate, organically offering guidance and support to others affected by Lyme and tick-borne diseases.

Pre-Lyme Life: Alexandra reminisces about her life before Lyme—full of social engagements, work success, and joy with her husband Patrick, son August, and their dog Zeus in Brooklyn, NY. Her life, seemingly perfect, was abruptly interrupted by Lyme disease.

Lyme Disease Onset: At 36, Alexandra's world turned upside down. Post hip surgery and at the cusp of the COVID-19 pandemic, she began experiencing unexplainable and debilitating symptoms. Despite numerous misdiagnoses and a journey through the complexities of the healthcare system, her relentless pursuit for answers led her to self-order an IGENIX test, which confirmed Lyme alongside multiple co-infections.

Diagnosis and Treatment:

  • Age at Diagnosis: 37
  • Diagnostic Path: Negative results on the Western blot, a positive breakthrough with IGENIX.
  • Treatment Journey: Began with antibiotics and herbs under Dr. Casey Kelley's care, transitioning to a holistic and herbal approach with Dr. Linda Tao at the Morrison Center in New York, augmented by innovative therapies such as ozone IV, glutathione, and more.

Life Post-Diagnosis: Alexandra shares the profound changes Lyme disease brought to her life, from PTSD and fears of the outdoors to a newfound appreciation for life's simplicity and the importance of treating her body with kindness. Despite the ongoing challenges, including a battle with mold intolerance, Alexandra stands at 95% of her pre-Lyme self, actively working and enjoying a revitalized social life.

Healing Strategies: Emphasizing the importance of the brain-body connection, Alexandra credits her recovery to retraining her brain, alongside an arsenal of therapies including cold plunging, sauna sessions, and rigorous detoxification routines.

Advice to Others: For those battling Lyme, Alexandra offers hope and assurance of healing. Her preventive advice underscores the importance of vigilance against ticks, advocating for proactive measures like regular tick checks and the use of protective sprays.

Armur Health: Alexandra runs Armur, providing access to community support, expert advice, and a wealth of information to empower individuals on their journey to recovery from Lyme and other chronic infections.

Conclusion: Alexandra Brook-Clark's journey is a testament to the power of resilience, the importance of self-advocacy in health, and the transformative impact of a supportive community. Her story not only sheds light on the complexities of Lyme disease but also inspires hope and action in the face of adversity.

Closing Remarks: Thank you for tuning in to this compelling episode of the Tick Boot Camp Podcast with Alexandra Brook-Clark. Her courage, insights, and advice offer invaluable lessons on navigating Lyme disease with hope and determination. Join us next time as we continue to share stories of triumph and transformation in the battle against tick-borne illnesses.

Episode 408: ILADS Journey - an interview with Sarah Quillen


In this compelling episode of the Tick Boot Camp Podcast, hosts Matt Sabatello and Rich Johannesen are thrilled to welcome Sarah Quillen, the dynamic Executive Director of the International Lyme and Associated Diseases Society (ILADS), for an insightful conversation on battling Lyme disease. Adding to the excitement, special guest co-host Ali Moresco joins the dialogue, bridging her passionate advocacy work with ILADS' mission.

Guest Bio

Sarah Quillen: With a robust background in nonprofit leadership, particularly in health and human services, Sarah brings over 25 years of experience to her role at ILADS. Her career is marked by significant contributions to organizations like the National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization and Ronald McDonald House Charities® of Greater Washington, DC. A native of the Hudson Valley, NY, Sarah's personal and familial experiences with Lyme disease have deeply influenced her dedication to improving care and support for those affected by tick-borne illnesses.

Ali Moresco: A fervent advocate for Lyme disease awareness and support, Ali has been a vocal presence in the community, continuously working to amplify the conversation around Lyme and associated diseases. Her collaboration with Tick Boot Camp and ILADS underscores her commitment to driving change and providing resources for those in need.

Episode Highlights

  • Introduction to ILADS: Sarah provides an overview of ILADS' mission, emphasizing its dedication to the diagnosis, treatment, and education of Lyme and other complex inflammatory diseases, celebrating 25 years of unwavering commitment to science, research, and education.
  • Personal Journey: Sarah shares her personal connection to Lyme disease, reflecting on her upbringing in a region endemic to ticks and her father's challenging journey with Lyme disease and Babesia, including his participation in the Lymerix vaccine trials.
  • Professional Pathway: Highlighting her trajectory from the fields of hospice and palliative care to her leadership role at ILADS, Sarah discusses the alignment of her professional expertise with her passion for advancing patient care in the realm of tick-borne diseases.
  • Advocacy and Education: The conversation delves into the critical role of ILADS in educating healthcare professionals and the public about Lyme disease, with an emphasis on fostering a multidisciplinary approach to care and the importance of community engagement and support.
  • The Power of Collaboration: Ali Moresco discusses the synergy between her advocacy work, ILADS, and Tick Boot Camp, highlighting the collective effort to raise awareness and support individuals affected by Lyme disease.
  • Call to Action: The hosts and guests discuss the need for continued advocacy, education, and research to improve the lives of those dealing with Lyme disease, urging listeners to get involved and support ILADS' mission.

Closing Thoughts

Sarah and Ali leave listeners with empowering messages of hope and action, encouraging those affected by Lyme disease and their loved ones to seek comprehensive care, become educated advocates, and contribute to the growing community fighting for better awareness and treatment of tick-borne diseases.


This episode was brought to you by Tick Boot Camp, dedicated to liberating individuals from the suffering caused by Lyme disease and other tick-borne illnesses through validation, community building, and education.

Episode 407: Herbal Pathways - an interview with Lyme Specialist Monica Wilde

Welcome to a riveting episode of the Tick Boot Camp Podcast, where we delve into the fascinating world of herbal medicine with Monica Wilde, a distinguished herbalist, author, and a beacon of hope for those battling Lyme disease and its co-infections. Broadcasting straight from Scotland, Monica, also affectionately known as Mo, shares her unique journey into the realm of herbal medicine, emphasizing her specialized focus on Borrelia and Lyme's complex co-infection group.

In This Episode:

  • Meet Monica Wilde: Discover Monica's path from her early roots to becoming a research herbalist with a master's degree in herbal medicine, working at the forefront of Lyme disease treatment in Scotland.
  • Collaboration with Dr. Jack Lambert: Learn about Monica's collaborative work with Dr. Jack Lambert since 2019, focusing on Lyme disease and its intricate web of co-infections.
  • The Journey to Specialization: Monica discusses her decisive moment to specialize solely in Lyme disease patients, inspired by her experiences in the United States and her determination to uncover patterns in Lyme disease treatment.
  • Herbal Medicine and Lyme Disease: Monica sheds light on the power of herbal medicine in treating Lyme disease, emphasizing the importance of understanding the multifaceted nature of this condition and its co-infections.
  • The Role of Belief in Healing: Explore the critical role of belief and mindset in the healing process, as Monica and the hosts discuss the psychological aspects of battling Lyme disease.
  • Pattern Recognition in Treatment: Delve into Monica's approach to identifying patterns in Lyme disease symptoms and treatments, highlighting the significance of individualized care and the challenges of non-standardization.
  • Herbal Allies: Monica shares her insights on the most potent herbs in combating Lyme disease and its symptoms, including the underrated power of dandelion and Japanese knotweed.
  • The Future of Lyme Disease Treatment: Monica and the hosts engage in a thought-provoking discussion on the evolving landscape of Lyme disease treatment, the importance of a multidisciplinary approach, and the ongoing challenges faced by patients and practitioners alike.
  • Monica's Resources: Find out where to access Monica's wealth of knowledge, including her book and the work of the CLA Clinic in Scotland, dedicated to combating Lyme, COVID, and other infectious diseases through the integration of herbal medicine.

Join us for an enlightening conversation with Monica Wilde and special guest co-host Cassidy Colbert as we explore the intersections of herbal medicine, belief, and the complex world of Lyme disease treatment. Whether you're a patient, a practitioner, or simply curious about alternative healing modalities, this episode offers valuable insights and hope for those on the journey to recovery.

Episode 406: Pathobiome - an interview with Nikki Schultek

Welcome to another episode of the Tick Boot Camp Podcast, where today we're thrilled to have Nikki Schultek as our special guest. Nikki, hailing from Wake Forest, North Carolina, shares her journey from being a vibrant individual to facing severe health challenges like chronic Lyme disease, and how it led her to become a pivotal figure in the fight against chronic diseases through her work with the Alzheimer's Pathobiome Initiative and Intracell Research Group.

Nikki's Background and East Coast Roots

  • Originally from the East Coast, Nikki's accent gives away her roots despite her current residence in North Carolina with her family, including two boys, a golden doodle, and her supportive husband.

The Tick Encounter

  • Nikki recounts a critical moment of finding an engorged tick, mistaken for a watermelon seed, highlighting the importance of regular tick checks in her family's life, especially given their pet's history with ticks.

Educational Journey

  • Despite an initial interest in science, Nikki pursued a degree in marketing, French, and international business at Villanova University. She reflects on how her career in the pharmaceutical industry, including roles at Pfizer and Genentech, equipped her with a unique perspective on healthcare and disease management, particularly in neurology and stroke care.

Personal Health Crisis

  • Nikki shares a harrowing account of her health deteriorating in her early 30s, leading to severe respiratory issues, joint pain, and neurological symptoms. Her quest for answers led her to a life-changing Google search connecting her symptoms to chronic bacterial infections, including Lyme disease.

The Turning Point with Dr. Charles Stratton

  • The discovery of Dr. Charles Stratton's work on chronic infections was a turning point for Nikki. She details how his guidance and a regimen of antibiotic therapy, overseen by her empathetic primary care doctor, began her road to recovery.

The Path to Research and Advocacy

  • Motivated by her experiences, Nikki delved into research, advocating for a diagnostic approach that looks beyond symptoms to the root causes of diseases like Alzheimer's. She emphasizes the importance of interdisciplinary collaboration to bridge gaps in understanding complex diseases.

Alzheimer's Pathobiome Initiative

Advocacy for Precision Medicine

  • The conversation highlights Nikki's advocacy for precision medicine, emphasizing the need for a consensus in diagnosing and treating diseases rooted in chronic infections. She shares insights into the challenges and opportunities in this field, including the potential impact of COVID-19 on public and medical understanding of infectious diseases and their long-term effects.

Call to Action

  • Nikki encourages listeners to engage in their health advocacy and underscores the importance of collaborative research in tackling complex health issues. She calls for more research into the balance of microbes within our bodies and how it influences health and disease.

Closing Thoughts

  • Nikki's story is a powerful reminder of the resilience of the human spirit and the potential for scientific innovation to transform lives. Her work with the Alzheimer's Pathobiome Initiative stands at the forefront of a new approach to understanding and treating Alzheimer's disease, rooted in the intricate relationship between our bodies and the microbial world.

Contact Information

For those interested in learning more about Nikki Schultek's work or getting involved with the Alzheimer's Pathobiome Initiative, visit AlzPI.org and IntracellResearchGroup.com.

Learn More

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Episode 405: Lyme Mexico - an interview with Doctor Omar Morales

Introduction to Dr. Omar Morales

Welcome to this episode where we delve into the world of Lyme disease with our esteemed guest, Dr. Omar Morales, founder of the Lyme Mexico Clinic, renowned researcher, and dedicated member of the Board of Directors of ILADS (International Lyme and Associated Diseases Society). Join us as Dr. Morales shares his journey from construction to medicine, his pivotal role in Lyme disease treatment, and his advocacy efforts with ILADS.

Dr. Morales's Journey: From Construction to Medicine

  • Unexpected Beginnings: Hear how a promise of a truck from his father led Dr. Morales to a career in medicine.
  • Family Influence and Medical Career: Learn about the familial influences that shaped Dr. Morales's path and his early medical experiences.

Establishing the Lyme Mexico Clinic

  • Clinic Origins: Discover the story behind the founding of the Lyme Mexico Clinic and its evolution into a leading Lyme disease treatment center.
  • Patient-Centered Care: Dr. Morales discusses his approach to individualized patient care and the clinic's commitment to understanding and treating Lyme disease.

Lyme Disease: A Complex Challenge

  • Defining Lyme: Delve into the complexities of defining Lyme disease, chronic vs. acute presentations, and the systemic nature of the illness.
  • Insights from ILADS: As a member of the ILADS Board of Directors, Dr. Morales shares his perspectives on the latest Lyme disease research and treatment approaches.
  • The Detective Work in Understanding Lyme Disease: Dr. Morales emphasizes the complexity of Lyme disease, noting the existence of five different subtypes of Lyme and about 300 different sub-strains of Borrelia. He also highlights the significance of co-infections like Bartonella, Babesia, and Anaplasma, as well as the importance of considering both the genetics of the pathogen and the genetics of the patient in treatment strategies.
  • Pathogen-Induced Immune Responses: Dr. Morales has found that Bartonella can trigger an overactive immune system or autoimmunity in patients, whereas Borrelia (Lyme) more often triggers immune suppression, especially in those with genetic predispositions. This distinction is critical for understanding why some chronic Lyme patients have barely functioning immune systems while others have overactive immune systems.

Innovative Approaches to Lyme Treatment

  • Treatment Philosophy: Explore Dr. Morales's "less is more" approach to Lyme treatment, emphasizing the importance of timely and effective interventions.
  • Advancements in Treatment: Learn about the innovative treatment strategies employed at the Lyme Mexico Clinic, including intravenous treatments and the clinic's stance on maintaining patient homeostasis.
  • Four-Part Treatment Framework: Dr. Morales outlines his comprehensive treatment framework, focusing on treating infections, targeting persistent forms of bacteria like biofilm, supporting the immune system, and detoxing. He provides specific treatments for each of these areas during the interview.

Neurological Symptoms of Lyme Disease: Research Insights

  • In-Depth Discussion: We dive deep into the neurological symptoms associated with Lyme disease, an area where Dr. Morales has conducted extensive research.
  • 2024 Fall ILADS Conference in Germany: Dr. Morales will be presenting his significant findings on the neurological implications of Lyme disease at the upcoming ILADS Conference, showcasing his contributions to understanding and treating this complex aspect of Lyme.

Research and Collaboration in Lyme Disease

  • The Role of Research: Understand the critical role of ongoing research in advancing Lyme disease treatment and the importance of collaboration within the medical community.
  • Advocacy for Lyme Disease Awareness: Dr. Morales discusses his advocacy work with ILADS and the importance of raising awareness and support for Lyme disease research.

Patient Advocacy and Care Strategies

  • Commitment to Patients: Hear about Dr. Morales's dedication to patient care, including offering free initial consultations and personalized treatment plans.
  • Understanding Lyme Disease: Gain insights into the detective work involved in diagnosing and treating Lyme disease and the importance of listening to and understanding patients' experiences.

Conclusion: A Future Free from Lyme

We wrap up our Tick Boot Camp Podcast conversation with Dr. Morales by discussing the future of Lyme disease treatment and the importance of community support, early detection, and comprehensive care. Dr. Morales's work with the Lyme Mexico Clinic and ILADS exemplifies the ongoing efforts to improve lives affected by Lyme disease.

Episode 404: Triumph Over Lyme - an interview with Tabitha Veazey

Welcome to another episode of the Tick Boot Camp Podcast, where we shed light on the tick-borne illness journey, offering hope, insight, and advice to our community. In this special episode, we are joined by the resilient and inspiring Tabitha Veazey, a 35-year-old Lyme warrior from Memphis, Tennessee, and co-hosted by Lacey Anderson, alongside Rich Johannesen. Tabitha shares her profound journey from the shock of diagnosis to her ongoing battle with Lyme disease, providing invaluable advice for those affected by Lyme and other tick-borne diseases.

Episode Highlights:

  • Introduction to Tabitha Veazey: Discover Tabitha’s life before Lyme, filled with ambition, social activities, and academic pursuits, painting the picture of a bright future ahead.
  • The Turning Point: Tabitha recounts the moment she found a tick on her back and the onset of severe symptoms that led her to seek medical attention, marking the beginning of her Lyme disease journey.
  • Diagnosis and Treatment: Learn about Tabitha's path to diagnosis through a blood test confirmed by Dr. Timothy Callaghan and her comprehensive treatment involving Doxycycline, Amoxicillin, and Byron White herbs.
  • The Role of Community and Holistic Healing: Tabitha emphasizes the importance of the Lyme community on Facebook and the significant role of herbal tinctures and probiotics in her recovery process.
  • Adjusting to Life Post-Lyme: Tabitha shares how Lyme disease has altered her lifestyle, from her social activities to her dietary habits, and her approach to outdoor activities.
  • Tabitha's Advice for Lyme Warriors: Offering words of wisdom, Tabitha encourages staying positive, embracing a healthy lifestyle, and exploring holistic treatments. She stresses the importance of immediate action following a tick bite and the crucial role of Lyme-literate physicians.
  • Co-host Insights: Lacey Anderson and Rich Johannesen provide their perspectives, underscoring the importance of community support, early diagnosis, and the power of sharing personal stories to raise awareness and foster understanding.

Key Takeaways:

  • Empowerment through Education: Tabitha’s journey underscores the importance of being informed and proactive in the face of tick-borne illnesses.
  • The Power of Community: The support and knowledge shared within the Lyme disease community play a critical role in navigating the challenges of diagnosis and treatment.
  • Holistic and Maintenance Care: The episode highlights the significance of holistic treatments and the necessity of maintenance care for long-term health and wellness.
  • Advocacy and Awareness: Tabitha’s story is a call to action for increased awareness and understanding of Lyme disease, advocating for early detection, proper tick removal techniques, and the pursuit of Lyme-literate medical professionals.

Closing Thoughts:

Tabitha Veazey’s story is not just one of struggle, but of resilience, hope, and the journey towards healing. Her insights and advice offer a beacon of light for those navigating the complexities of Lyme disease. Join us as we explore Tabitha's inspiring journey, the lessons learned, and the path forward for Lyme warriors everywhere.

Thank you for tuning into the Tick Boot Camp Podcast. Remember, knowledge is power, and by sharing our stories, we can make a difference in the lives of those affected by Lyme and other tick-borne diseases. Stay tuned for more episodes that connect, inform, and empower our community.

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