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Episode 257: Vital Side - an interview with Lindsay Mitchell

Learn how Lindsay used brain retraining to overcome chronic Lyme disease and how she's now helping others in the community

This week Tick Boot Camp invited Lindsay Mitchell, founder and CEO of Vital-Side, to discuss the membership program that empowers people suffering with chronic illness and limbic system impairment to retrain their brain out of the chronic stress response to gain relief from their symptoms. In this comprehensive interview, Ms. Mitchell discusses:

  • Her experience of having recovered from Lyme disease
  • How Vital-Side’s application of mental exercises and techniques are designed to take the brain from a state of survival to one of growth and repair
  • That the Vital-Side tools are non-invasive, empowering and backed by the latest science
  • How she has worked with thousands of people worldwide teaching about the healing properties of the brain
  • How the Vital-Side 4 step method of Reset, Rewire, Elevate, and Regulate is designed to retrain the brain to achieve long term sustainable results

If you would like to learn more about how you could benefit from the Vital-Side approach to rewiring your brain to optimize its function and allow your body to rest, then tune in now!

Episode 256: Tree of Life - an interview with Bob Miller

Learn how genetics can prevent you from healing chronic Lyme... and how to overcome them!

This week Tick Boot Camp invited Robert Miller, a Certified Traditional Naturopath and founder of the Tree of Life Naturopathic practice, NutriGenetic Research Institute, and Functional Genomic Analysis, to discuss the relationship between genetic variants and Lyme disease. In this comprehensive interview, Mr. Miller discusses:

  • The origin stories of the 3 companies he founded
  • The virtue of genetic testing for people suffering from Lyme disease
  • How genetics “loads the gun and environment pulls the trigger” of chronic illness
  • The top genetic factors seen with chronic Lyme disease
  • How external genetic factors, such as, mold, plastics, and EMFs impact a Lyme disease journey
  • Why internal genetic factors cause inflammation, histamines, and free radicals triggering chronic illness.

If you would like to know more about how genetic testing can help you on your Lyme disease treatment journey, then tune in now!

Episode 255: Squishy Samm - an interview with Sam Chocano

Samantha Marie Chocano is a multi-talented 25-year-old entrepreneur, graphic artist, YouTuber, gamer and glass ceiling breaking athlete from Fresno, California. She is vlogging and publishing her “entire treatment” journey to expose the reality of Lyme disease.

Ms. Chocano’s childhood garnered her the opportunity to “do many out of the box things.” She was the sole female wrestler on her high school and college teams, moved to different parts of the county each year as the child of a military family and “was even featured on [an episode] of MTV Catfish.”

Ms. Chocano’s nomadic childhood exposed her to new experiences and unfamiliar perils. At the age of 12 she moved to Virginia and was bitten “by many ticks.” Her parents would remove the ticks “with a hot needle” and told her the worst that would happen is she could “get a flu for a couple of weeks.”

The tick bites provoked sleep paralysis, extreme fatigue, gut inflammation, anxiety, depression and “a slight Bell’s Palsy.” Unfortunately, the symptoms were written off as emblematic of transitioning “into a typical teenager.”

By the age of 23 she became chronically ill, despite treating with over 20 doctors. She finally located a global diagnosis after she was tested for Lyme disease by a Naturopathic Doctor.

If you would like to learn more about how a young woman came to learn that she “had no other options but to do research [herself] and save [her] own life,” then tune in now!

PS Jessica Snajder from Partner In Lyme special guest co-hosted with Rich!

Episode 254: Beauty Beats Lyme - an interview with Dani Tygr

Ms. Tygr had to overcame medical gaslighting and a host of other obstacles throughout her healing journey

Dani Tygr is a 34-year-old hair stylist from Los Angeles, California. In addition to film and television, her work has been featured in music videos, red carpet events, music tours, music festivals, editorials, runway events, and more.

Prior to contracting Lyme disease, Dani traveled all over the world working in the beauty industry serving as an executive global platform artist and technical educator. She graduated from the Paul Mitchell School of Cosmetology and won various awards including the Modern Salon Top 100 Artist and the Paul Mitchell Hairstyling Award.

In her late twenties, Ms. Tygr first began to exhibit increasingly intrusive symptoms which she later learned were caused by Lyme disease. At 31 years old, she could no longer manage her illness and the true destructive nature of Lyme disease reared its ugly head.

Ms. Tygr was diagnosed with late-stage Lyme disease at the age of 32. Doctors had initially associated her symptoms with thyroid disease and autoimmune disease which runs in her family prior to her Lyme diagnosis. She was misdiagnosed by many doctors with a “damaging” mental health illness and one doctor told her she “really needs to get mental help from a professional because this is all in [her] head.”

Dr. Moses A. Laufer from the Holtorf Medical Group in El Segundo diagnosed and treated Ms. Tygr with various herbs, supplements, BPC-157 (peptide), and more. They also targeted immune function and utilized a special diet.

If you would like to learn how a young woman from Los Angeles learned how to forge a new and better version of herself through chronic Lyme disease as she continues to give it her all and thrive in all aspects of life, then tune in now!

PS Margaux Gunning special guest co-hosted this interview with Matt from Tick Boot Camp!

Episode 253: Faithful Healing - an interview with Hayden Crook

Mr. Crooke learned how to overcome extreme treatment sensitivities and detox deficiencies to heal from chronic Lyme disease

Hayden Crook is a 28-year-old youth pastor from Bend, Oregon. He graduated from the elite University of Oregon with a bachelor’s degree majoring in Psychology and Business.

After college, Pastor Crook was appointed Youth Pastor for one of the largest churches in the State of Oregon. In this capacity, he supervised youth mission trips, including a mission to cut firewood for a Native American reservation. On the second day of the firewood mission trip, he suffered a headache and dizziness that “never went away.” The symptoms progressed from brain fog and memory issues to the loss of his capacity to speak and then he became bedridden.

Pastor Crook’s undiagnosed symptoms became so aggressive and debilitating that his wife had to leave her job to become his full-time caregiver. He was unable to perform basic elements of self-care including toileting himself without the assistance of his wife.

Visiting over 50 doctors and 2 extended hospitalizations did not result in a diagnosis. In part, his diagnosis was delayed by a medical bias that the former Division 1 football player was afflicted by concussion-related disease. He was also misdiagnosed with a CerebroSpinal Fluid (CSF) Leak, a sinus infection, and mental illness.

He was finally diagnosed with Lyme disease by a Naturopathic Doctor in Bend, Oregon. The clinical diagnosis was confirmed by blood testing from IGeneX.

If you would like to learn more about how a Pastor, psychology major and former Division 1 athlete is building a toolbox of spiritual, emotional and physical tools to heal from Lyme disease, then tune in now!

Episode 252: Healing Through Trauma - an interview with Ali Kates

Ms. Kates had to heal through the trauma of Lyme, so she could heal the trauma of others!

This week Tick Boot Camp interviewed Certified Trauma Coach and entrepreneurial founder of EmotionalHealthAccelerator.com: Ali Kates. Ms. Kate’s is from Sonoma County, California.

In the comprehensive interview, Ms. Cates shared how she endured a series of traumatic childhood experiences that included chronic illness caused by Lyme disease, emotional pain brought about by parental philandering and divorce, the death of a family member and best friend, and finally a sexual assault.

Ms. Kates attempted to manage her traumatic childhood by “putting pain aside” and “shoving [it] under the rug.” Unfortunately, the avoidance techniques failed to serve her, forcing her to utilize alcohol as a vehicle to meet her “need to leave [her] body… because her body did not feel safe.”

After treating with 20+ doctors over 13 years, Ms. Kates was ironically diagnosed with Lyme disease 3 weeks before her wedding. Initially, she treated with a Lyme Literate Medical Doctor (LLMD) for 9 months at a cost of over $150,000. When the time and money invested into the intensive treatment failed to provide any health gains, she turned to mold detoxification and Bee Venom Therapy (BVT).

Today, Ms. Kates is building on her health gains and using her childhood trauma to help others heal from illnesses when trauma is involved. If you would like to learn more about how a trauma coach built a business to assist people to heal through trauma, then tune in now!

As a special gift to the Tick Boot Camp community, Ms. Kates is offering a free training on “How to Face Your Emotions Without Being Exhausted in the Process.”

PS Carrie Perry from Sam's Spoons special guest co-hosted this interview with Rich!

Episode 251: Sam's Spoons - an interview with Sam and Carrie Perry

Sam's childhood Lyme experience inspired Carrie to create Sam's Spoons, a nonprofit organization that provides Lyme patient grants

Samantha Perry is a 23-year-old graduate of Penn State University. She is currently working as a traveling yoga teacher in Costa Rica. Next year she will move to Spain to commence a graduate studies program in Doctor of Chiropractic.

Samantha’s Lyme disease journey began during her junior year of high school. The life of the “super active, ambitious and social teenager” was halted by flu-symptoms that migrated to joint pain, fatigue, nausea, and low-grade fever.

Samantha and her parents visited 7 doctors before she was diagnosed with Lyme disease. She was misdiagnosed with “just anxiety,” an adolescent eating disorder, rheumatoid arthritis, chronic pain and “…was encouraged to go to a pain management camp.”

Recognizing that getting well may not have been possible if her parents could not afford to pay for her care, she and her family created the Sam’s Spoons Foundation. Since 2018, the not-for-profit organization has been helping families affected by Lyme disease by providing treatment grants to defray out of pocket medical expenses.

If you would like to learn more about how the Perry family navigated the perils of chronic Lyme illness to find wellness, independence, and purpose, then tune in now!

Episode 250: Generation Lyme - an interview with Brooke Stoddard, Jennifer Hoffmann, Jesse Ruben, and Haley DiBiase

Generation Lyme has created a judgment free meetup platform to defeat the isolation caused by Lyme disease

This week Tick Boot Camp invited the "Core Four" of Generation Lyme, Brooke Stoddard, Jennifer Hoffmann, Jesse Ruben, and Haley DiBiase, to discuss the services the not-for-profit organization offer to the Lyme disease community. In this comprehensive interview the board of directors discusses:

  • The origin story of Generation Lyme
  • The relationship between Project Lyme and Generation Lyme
  • The mission of Generation of Lyme
  • How Generation Lyme is creating a community
  • How Generation Lyme is using online meetups as an avenue of support for Lyme patients to make personal connections with other patients
  • How and why Generation Lyme shares stories of Lyme patients, caregivers and loved ones

If you would like to learn more about how Generation Lyme can help you or a loved one on a Lyme disease journey, then tune in now!

Episode 249: The Nova - an interview with Amanda Tiberi

Ms. Tiberi's Lyme disease journey triggered a spiritual awakening

Amanda Tiberi is a multi-talented 33-year-old clinical nutritionist and founder of the Amanda Nova Wellness community. Ms. Tiberi is from Westchester County, New York.

Ms. Tiberi’s journey with chronic illness, triggered by Lyme disease, began when she “got sick in 2018 and never got better.” Her symptoms initially presented as chronic back pain then migrated to “brain fog, full body muscle and joint pain, digestive issues, fatigue, depression, anxiety, and weight gain.”

After suffering a misdiagnosis of fibromyalgia, she was diagnosed and treated for Lyme disease by a Lyme Literate Medical Doctor (LLMD). Unfortunately, healing did not begin until she left the care of the LLMD and “took her treatment into her own hands.”

Ms. Tiberi discovered that Lyme disease attacked her physical, emotional, and spiritual health and learned that physical healing was not possible until she brought in the “spiritual piece.”

If you would like to learn more about how a young woman became grateful for her Lyme experience because it revealed to her that she was born to help other people overcome chronic illness, then tune in now!

Episode 248: The Lyme Resource - an interview with Gretel Adams

Ms. Adams realized the only way to overcome chronic Lyme was to become her own doctor

Gretel Adams is a 36-year-old small business owner from Columbus, Ohio. She has owned and operated Sunny Meadows Flower Farm since 2006 with her husband Steve.

Prior to contracting Lyme disease, Ms. Adams worked very hard and had to perform both physical labor and intense decision-making. While not working, she enjoyed socializing with friends and attending music festivals.

At the age of 33, Ms. Adams had found a tick biting her and she quickly removed it and went on with her life. The very next day she developed alarming symptoms that just got worse and worse.

Ms. Adams’ doctor was unable to see her in a timely manner and 13 days after the tick bite she went to an urgent care facility because she “felt something foreign in [her] body, everything was tingly, [she] could not stand in the field because the sun was too bright, her body was so weak, and she was very confused.” The urgent care doctor diagnosed her with Lyme disease and gave her 10 days of antibiotics.

Ms. Adams followed up with her primary care physician who told her she only needed 21 of antibiotics. At the end of the 21 days, she was even worse, but her doctor told Ms. Adams that “there was no way her symptoms were what they were, and she just had to deal with it.”

Ms. Adams subsequently visited two Lyme specialists where she was diagnosed with active Lyme, co-infections, fungal infections, and other viruses. She has treated and had some great success using a combination of antibiotics, herbs, laser treatments, Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT), ozone, and more.

If you would like to learn how a young woman from Ohio has made progress rebounding from medical gaslighting, severe neurological Lyme, and a plethora of other diagnoses, then tune in now!

PS Claire Dalton from the Chronically Care Project and the Chronically Beautiful Blog special guest co-hosted this interview with Matt from Tick Boot Camp!

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