Tick Boot Camp

S1E127 - The Humble Advocate - an interview with Alexis Najarian

Ms. Najarian used antibiotics, the paleo diet, supplements and more to heal from Lyme disease

Tick Boot Camp’s guest today is Alexis Najarian. Ms. Najarian is a fitness trainer, Ms. Nebraska USA ’19 and Lyme advocate with the Twin Cities Lyme Foundation. Ms. Najarian, her brother, and her mother became extremely sick when they moved to Tick endemic Connecticut. Ms Najarian is the granddaughter of one of the country’s top medical doctors and the daughter for former NFL linebacker, entrepreneur, and television personality. Despite the resources available to the Najarian family, their collective diagnostic journey was painful and lengthy. Fast forward to the 2019 Ms. Nebraska USA pageant, Ms. Najarian dedicated her pageant platform to Lyme disease awareness and advocacy in collaboration with her family and the Twin Cities Lyme Foundation. If you would like to learn more about how Ms. Najarian is humbly advocating for the Lyme community, then tune in now!

S1E126 - Life Cycle and Lyme - an interview with Leeann Escobar

Ms. Escobar had Lyme most of her life and developed autoimmune complications as a child, but wasn't properly diagnosed until she was 29 years old

Leeann Escobar is a lifelong resident of tick endemic New Jersey. She began to exhibit the symptoms of Lyme disease during her early childhood, but was not diagnosed until one year after developing “mysterious symptoms” as an adult. Despite a lengthy diagnostic journey, Ms. Escobar maintained a positive mindset. Utilizing her grit and IV treatment, Ms. Escobar achieved symptom relief and recently celebrated the birth of her second child. If you would like to know how Leeann Escobar utilized a positive mindset and IV treatments to gain Lyme disease symptom relief, then tune in now!

S1E125 - Life's Greatest Lesson - an interview with Carly Taylor

After treating with antibiotics and herbs, Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) helped Ms. Taylor heal the most in her Lyme journey

Tick Boot Camp’s guest today is the uber talented Carly Taylor. Ms. Taylor grew up in tick-endemic Connecticut and left her home community with Lyme disease. Ms. Taylor learned a great deal about herself and life in general while traveling on her Lyme disease journey. If you would like to learn more about Carly Taylor’s greatest life lesson, then tune in now!

S1E124 - Compassion and Patience - an interview with Heather Glovack

SOT therapy and peptide therapy were game changers in Ms. Glovack's Lyme disease healing journey

Tick Boot Camp’s guest today is Heather Glovack. Ms. Glovack is a lending officer residing in paradise, aka Hermosa Beach California. Ms. Glovack exhibited classic Lyme Disease Symptoms since she was a teenager, but was not diagnosed with Lyme disease for approximately 14 years. Ms. Glovack’s Lyme-related fatigue caused her to mentally bully herself in her head, which she overcame to become a more compassionate patient young woman. If you would like to learn more about Heather Glovack’s transformative Lyme disease journey, then tune in now!

S1E123 - Tick Tock Naturals - an interview with Dr. Susan Eisen

Dr. Eisen used a combination of wester and eastern medicine to recover from Lyme disease

Tick Boot Camp’s guest today is Dr. Susan Eisen of Tick Tock Naturals. Dr. Eisen is a holistic chiropractor from Jersey City, New Jersey. After suffering Neurological Lyme and symptoms that included excessive sleep, short term memory loss, aphasia and word retrieval loss, she also began to suffer “out of control” anxiety over the thought of reinfection from a tick bite. To manage her anxiety and protect herself from reinfection, she developed an organic mosquito and tick repellent. If you would like to learn more about how Dr. Eisen used anxiety to fuel the creation of Tick Tock Naturals, a natural organic tick repellent, then tune in now!

S1E122 - Tick Bite Blueprint - an interview with Josh Kreifels and Kristina Biggs

Learn about the importance of your gut health and immune system after a tick bite and while on antibiotics

Tick Boot Camp’s guests today are Josh Kreifels and Kristina Biggs. Ms. Biggs is a Registered Nurse (RN) and Mr. Kreifels is a Registered Dietician (RD) both residing in Seattle, Washington. Ms. Biggs and Mr. Kreifels went on a COVID weekend getaway in a mountain area in the Pacific North West and Mr. Biggs discovered a tick biting him on his arm. Ms. Biggs’ training made her aware that Lyme disease can be very dangerous and chronic. Knowing she had a short window to act, Ms. Biggs turned to social media for resources and located Tick Boot Camp’s Instagram page and Tick Bite Blueprint. If you would like to learn more about Kristina Biggs’ and Josh Kreifels’ tick bite journey and how you can use the Tick Boot Camp Tick Bite Blueprint to help you prevent a Lyme disease infection or reinfection, then tune in now!

S1E121 - Awareness - an interview with Monica

It took Monica 8 years to get diagnosed with Lyme disease, despite her classic Lyme symptoms and rashes from "bug" bites when she was a child

Tick Boot Camp’s guest today is a 20-year-old Irish/Danish Lyme disease warrior named Monica. Monica’s (Instagram page id_monica123xx) Lyme disease journey began at the age of 10 when she visited her father for a summer holiday in rural Denmark. Despite a Danish public awareness campaign that warned Monica and her family to the dangers of ticks and Lyme disease in her father’s community, a rash on her leg was written off. Shortly thereafter, Monica returned to her native Ireland and was vaccinated, triggering severe and then chronic Lyme disease symptoms. If you would like to learn more about Monica and her Lyme disease journey, then tune in now!

S1E120 - Parenting Lyme - an interview with Dorothy Leland

Learn how Ms. Leland's daughter Rachel healed from Lyme and the importance of Dynamic Neural Retraining System (DNRS) in her healing journey

Dorothy Leland is an author and Lyme Disease activist from California. Ms. Leland’s Lyme disease journey began when her 15-year-old daughter Rachel began to suffer the symptoms of Lyme disease. Rachel’s long and often painful Lyme journey led Ms. Leland to work as a research assistant on a Lyme documentary, blog for LymeDisease.org and co-author “When Your Child Has Lyme Disease, A Parent’s Survival Guide.” If you would like to learn more about how the Leland family survived childhood Lyme disease and transformed into Lyme disease activists, then tune in now!

S1E119 - The Absurd Disease - an interview with Vicki Novinsky

Vicki's Lyme journey was so absurd that she was even misdiagnosed with gigantism, despite being average height, before Lyme disease

Tick Boot Camp’s guest today is Vicki Novinsky. Ms. Novinsky is a spoonie blogger and cartoonist from Brooklyn, New York. Ms. Novinsky was only five years old when she became extremely sick at her parents’ vacation house in Massachusetts. Her mom was frustrated with their family care physician and took Ms. Novinsky to an alternative pediatrician where she was treated with antibiotics. At that time, Ms. Novinsky also developed an autoimmune thyroid disease. Fast forward to graduate school, and Ms. Novinsky became extremely sick again. She had severe brain fog and allergic reactions to almost everything. She also had several misdiagnoses before finally being diagnosed with Lyme by an LLMD. If you would like to learn more about how Ms. Novinsky is bringing light to the Lyme community, then tune in now!

S1E118 - I Grew Up with Lyme - an interview with Sophie Eustache

Lyme disease treatment in France is even more restrictive than in the United States

Tick Boot Camp’s guest today is Sophie Eustache. Ms. Eustache is a 22-year-old graduate student from Bordeaux, France. She first experienced symptoms of Lyme at just four years old, and doesn’t remember what it feels like to live without constant joint pain and fatigue. She wasn’t diagnosed with Lyme until she was ten years old. Ms. Eustache had a severe relapse of symptoms in 2017, but to the best of her ability, still refuses to let Lyme get in the way of her academic or professional aspirations. If you would like to learn more about the journey of an almost lifelong Lymie, then tune in now!

The purpose of Tick Boot Camp is to help you liberate yourself and others from suffering caused by Lyme disease.