Tick Boot Camp

S1E91 - The Artist, the Yogi and the Lymie - an interview with Stela Sulzdorf

Ms. Sulzdorf was bed-bound for almost a year and is currently unable to walk due to Lyme Disease

5 months ago

Tick Boot Camp’s guest today is Stela Sulzdorf. Ms. Sulzdorf is a 30-year-old yogi from the United Kingdom. She initially started to experience the symptoms of a tick disease when she was just 20 years old, and they forced her to drop out of the University of the Arts London. Her health declined even further in 2016, when she started to have flu-like symptoms and throat infections. She also developed chest pain, knee issues, and started to have seizures. When she finally received a positive Lyme test in February of 2019, she was prescribed Doxycycline. Ms. Sulzdorf had terrible Herxheimer reactions that increased her seizures. If you would like to join Ms. Sulzdorf at the beginning of her Lyme treatment journey, tune in now!

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