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Episode 213: Shining Knight - an interview with Brett Knight

Ms. Knight received Stem Cells at the German Infusio clinic and is now treating with Bee Venom Therapy (BVT)

11 months ago

Brett Knight is a 26-year-old licensed personal trainer currently working full time parenting her son and healing from Lyme disease. She has been managing Lyme-related health issues for “all of her adult life” and her earliest symptoms presented by the age of 17.

Ms. Knight’s Lyme symptoms began with “feeling off,” “ringing in [her] ears,” and insomnia. Over time, she suffered from back pain, fevers, difficulty walking, and loss of the ability to lift her arms.

For 3 years she visited with medical doctors who misdiagnosed her with Chronic Fatigue and Depression. Finally, at the age of 20, a family friend and the founder of Infusio, Philip Battiade, was visiting her in-laws and utilized a biofeedback machine to diagnose her with Lyme disease. The Lyme diagnosis was later confirmed by blood testing.

Ms. Knight’s circuitous Lyme disease journey included stem cell therapy at Infusio in Germany, breast implant and explant surgeries, competitive bodybuilding, vitamin therapy, dietary changes and “game changing” Bee Venom Therapy (BVT).

If you would like to learn more about how a young mother is balancing parenting and healing by using a diverse set of modalities, then tune in now!

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