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Episode 207: Flores Lane - an interview with Trish Baden

Ms. Baden went from being bedbound and given her last rights to flourishing and running a successful company which employs fellow Lyme Warriors

1 year ago

Tricia “Trish” Baden is the 33-year-old Candle Scientist behind Flores Lane from West Hollywood, California. Her Lyme disease journey began while on a cabin trip with her ex-boyfriend and his family to Northern Wisconsin when she was 23 years old.

Ms. Baden became immediately ill during the last day of her trip with a sore throat, bump on the back of her head, and a fever. Her symptoms progressed and she developed neurological problems in addition to various other symptoms from head-to-toe.

Ms. Baden kept fighting for her health and was misdiagnosed with early on-set Parkinson's disease and depression. She knew deep down that there was more to the story.

Over a year later, Ms. Baden was diagnosed with stage 4 neurological Lyme disease, Babesia, and Bartonella after seeing almost 30 different doctors. She has used a wide variety of treatments and is

If you would like to learn more about how a curious scientist used her God-given talents to overcome medical incompetence and use what she learned to become the founder/CEO of Flores Lane, then tune in now!

PS Ali Moresco special guest co-hosted this interview with Matt from Tick Boot Camp!

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