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Episode 131: The Butterfly - an interview with Christina Ricucci

Ms Ricucci treated her Lyme disease with 3 different oral antibiotics for a year, intravenous antibiotics through a PICC line for 4 months, hyperbaric treatments, IV vitamin drips, 72 pills a day of herbal supplements, acupuncture, Rife, ozone blood therapy and ultraviolet blood therapy

5 months ago

Christina Ricucci is a 22-year-old American actor, musician and dancer. Ms. Ricucci won national recognition when she was named “Teen Best Dancer” at the age of 14. Soon thereafter, she began to feel sick, but was not diagnosed with Lyme disease until 2 years later. Unable to perform at an elite level, Ms. Ricucci abandoned her dream to dance professionally and discovered a larger reservoir of performance artistic talents. If you would like to learn more about how a chronic Lyme disease journey revealed Christina Ricucci’s acting and musical performance talents, then tune in now!

The purpose of Tick Boot Camp is to help you liberate yourself and others from suffering caused by Lyme disease.