Tick Boot Camp

Episode 351: Lyme Healthinar - an interview with Dr. Christine Arseneau

7 months ago


The Healing Framework

  • Using a functional medicine approach, which is comprehensive and individualized
  • Natural and effective supplements, avoiding OTCs and pharmaceuticals
  • Habit hacks using an ancestral approach, focusing on sleep quality, stress management, nutrition, movement, and gut health
  • Mindset and subconscious mind play a vital role in healing

Addressing the Controversy over the Word "Cure"

  • Understanding the impact of words on our reality and the healing process
  • How the belief in a "cure" can affect one's healing journey

Additional Healing Tools

  • The use of psychedelics and hypnotism in healing
  • The importance of being in a parasympathetic state for healing to occur
  • Alternative options for those unable to do rigorous programs

The Number One Thing Doctors Aren't Talking About

  • Importance of addressing all aspects of one's life, not just physical symptoms
  • Taking responsibility for one's own health and not solely relying on doctors

Working with Dr. Christine Arseneau

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