Tick Boot Camp

S1E124 - Compassion and Patience - an interview with Heather Glovack

SOT therapy and peptide therapy were game changers in Ms. Glovack's Lyme disease healing journey

2 months ago

Tick Boot Camp’s guest today is Heather Glovack. Ms. Glovack is a lending officer residing in paradise, aka Hermosa Beach California. Ms. Glovack exhibited classic Lyme Disease Symptoms since she was a teenager, but was not diagnosed with Lyme disease for approximately 14 years. Ms. Glovack’s Lyme-related fatigue caused her to mentally bully herself in her head, which she overcame to become a more compassionate patient young woman. If you would like to learn more about Heather Glovack’s transformative Lyme disease journey, then tune in now!

The purpose of Tick Boot Camp is to help you liberate yourself and others from suffering caused by Lyme disease.