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Episode 368: Focus on Lyme - an interview with Tammy Crawford

11 months ago


  • Warm welcome to Tony Felice, our returning special guest co-host from episode 335: Kindness in Combat.
  • Introduction to Tammy Crawford, Executive Director of Focus on Lyme.

Tammy's Personal Journey:

  • The personal story of Tammy's daughter, Jessica, who battled Lyme disease.
  • The emotional and medical challenges faced by Tammy in seeking proper treatment and diagnosis for Jessica.
  • Encounter with Dr. Horowitz and the importance of finding a Lyme-literate physician.

Focus On Lyme:

  • Tammy's response to the Lyme community's struggles, including the formation of the non-profit Focus On Lyme.
  • Collaborative efforts with past podcast guests and their significant accomplishments, including:
    • Speaking on Capitol Hill.
    • Organizing research conferences.
    • Funding advancements in Lyme disease testing.
  • Overview of Tammy's bio-repository and its purpose.

The TGen Connection:

  • The recurring appearance of TGen in Tammy's journey and their role in Lyme disease research.
  • Specific discussions and projects with TGen.

Focus on Accurate Diagnosis:

  • Tammy's emphasis on the importance of accurate diagnosis to garner more funding and attention.
  • The challenges and limitations of current diagnostic measures and the potential of next-gen serology.

Breakthroughs & Discoveries:

  • Collaboration with researchers and scientists in the Lyme community.
  • Exciting advancements in Lyme disease research, including potential overlaps with cancer treatments.
  • The complexity of Lyme disease strains and the importance of understanding the differences.

Funding & Future Steps:

  • The financial challenges and efforts to fund more research, especially diagnostic improvements.
  • Tammy and her team are working on an FDA-cleared Lyme diagnostic tool.

Conclusion & Call to Action:

  • A look ahead for Focus On Lyme and Tammy's continued advocacy work.
  • A request for community involvement, collaboration, and investment.
  • How to contact and support Tammy's efforts through Focus Online.
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