Tick Boot Camp

Episode 393: Lyme, Ticks, and You - an Interview with Shelley Ball

2 months ago

Introduction: Welcome to Tick Boot Camp, the go-to podcast for Lyme disease advocacy and awareness. In today's episode, we're honored to host Dr. Shelley Ball, a distinguished researcher and Lyme disease warrior. Join us as we delve into her personal battles with Lyme, her professional insights, and her mission to educate and empower others with special guest co-host Aimee Packer.

Guest Bio: Dr. Shelley Ball, PhD, is a scientist and Lyme disease advocate with firsthand experience battling this tick-borne illness. After encountering the debilitating effects of Lyme, she has become a vocal proponent for change in public health policies and patient care.

Key Topics Discussed:

  • Lyme Disease in Tropical Climates: Dr. Ball discusses her alarming experience with seed tick balls and the ease of contracting Lyme disease in such environments.
  • Healthcare System Flaws: Our guest reflects on the misinformation surrounding Lyme disease prevention and treatment in public health systems.
  • Balancing Outdoor Activity with Disease Prevention: The therapeutic role of nature is weighed against the need for vigilance against ticks.
  • Navigating the Medical Landscape: Dr. Ball shares her story of misdiagnosis and the struggle to find effective treatment within a rigid healthcare framework.
  • Functional Medicine as a Beacon of Hope: Learn about Dr. Ball's turn towards functional medicine, focusing on holistic healing strategies.
  • Lyme Disease and Mental Health: The discussion addresses the psychological struggles that accompany Lyme, highlighting potential benefits of neural training and psilocybin.
  • Empowering Through Education: Dr. Ball talks about her book and how it serves as an educational tool for those impacted by Lyme disease.
  • The Fight for Adequate Treatment: This segment explores the controversial limitations on Lyme disease treatments compared to other conditions.
  • Reflections on Living with Lyme: Dr. Ball offers insights into the complexities of managing Lyme disease amidst the demands of adulthood.

Resources Mentioned:

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Closing Remarks: Thank you for tuning in to Tick Boot Camp. Remember, you're not alone in this fight against Lyme disease. Stay tuned for our next episode where we continue to bring expert voices and stories of resilience to the forefront.

Special Thanks: A heartfelt thank you to Dr. Shelley Ball for sharing her powerful story and to all of you for listening and supporting our mission. Until next time, stay tick-aware and take care.

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