Tick Boot Camp

Episode 87: The Biohacking Bombshell - an interview with Allyssa LaScala

Allyssa LaScala was diagnosed early with Lyme Disease, however she was not given proper treatment and developed Chronic Lyme Disease

2 years ago

Tick Boot Camp’s guest today is Allyssa LaScala. Ms. LaScala is a 29-year-old integrative health practitioner from Reading, Pennsylvania. In 2011, during her sophomore year of college, she started to experience extreme fatigue. She scheduled an appointment with her primary care physician, who ran a multitude of tests, including a Western Blot. Ms. LaScala tested positive for Lyme. She took Doxycycline for 3 weeks, but still felt the symptoms of a tick disease. After 6 months, she asked to be retested, and still came back positive for Lyme. While developing new symptoms like depression and brain fog, Ms. LaScala got advice from other Lymies. She decided to see a Lyme literate doctor. If you would like to learn more about how Ms. LaScala’s Lyme experience changed the course of her life and led her to start Biohacking Bombshell, then tune in now!

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