Tick Boot Camp

Episode 383: Soul Tribe - an interview with Milena Pastore

4 months ago

In this episode of the Tick Boot Camp Podcast, we're joined by Milena Pastore and our special co-host, Georgia Wood. Milena discusses her Lyme disease journey, from growing up in Colorado to her diagnosis and ongoing recovery. We explore the challenges of Lyme disease, both physical and mental, and delve into the impact it has on individuals and their families.


  • Milena grew up in a small town in Colorado, experiencing a rather carefree upbringing. She later moved to New York City before coming back to Colorado in 2016.

Early Health Challenges

  • Milena recalls facing various health issues from a young age, including exposure to ticks, but Lyme was not suspected until later in life.

The Turn for the Worse

  • After years of battling unexplained fatigue, anxiety, and depression, Milena started to suspect Lyme Disease as the culprit.

Diagnosis and Treatment

  • After multiple tests and doctors, Milena was finally diagnosed with Lyme disease. She discusses her experience with antibiotic treatment and its after-effects.

Emotional Toll and Mental Health

  • Milena shares her struggles with emotional and mental health due to Lyme, highlighting the importance of having a support system.

Navigating Treatments

  • From antibiotics to holistic treatments, Milena provides insights into what worked for her, including the benefits of sauna therapy.

Healing Through Communication

  • Milena discusses how she found healing through sharing her journey and offering guided meditations to friends and family, thus realizing her calling as a communicator and healer.

Soul Tribe Yoga Collective

  • Milena recently launched Soul Tribe Yoga Collective, a virtual yoga community.
  • Soul Tribe Yoga Collective is a safe and supportive space built on pillars of authenticity, inclusivity, compassion, and non-judgment, where students can be genuinely seen and heard.
  • Soul Tribe strives to bring healing to the body, mind, and spirit without causing exhaustion, flareups, or setbacks.
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