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Episode 378: Center for Lyme Action - an interview with Bonnie Crater

7 months ago


  • Bonnie Crater, a renowned name in the Lyme disease community.
  • Received numerous inquiries from listeners eager to hear her story.
  • Nicole Bell special guest co-hosting with Rich Johannesen

Background & Personal Story:

  • Bonnie's early life in Portola Valley, California.
  • Journey into microbiology and winning the science prize in high school.
  • Experiences at the University of Richmond and experiments in labs.
  • Entry into the tech business; starting a hat company in Princeton.
  • Venture into the computer industry and running a computer store.

The Lyme Connection:

Bay Area Lyme Foundation:

  • The discovery of high rates of Lyme disease-carrying ticks in California.
  • The initial projects and efforts to educate people about Lyme disease in California.
  • Mission of Bay Area Lyme Foundation.
  • Partnering with government organizations like NIST to understand the hurdles in Lyme disease research.
  • The need for better diagnostics for early and accurate Lyme detection.

Center for Lyme Action:

  • The initiative to attract new researchers to the field.
  • Bonnie's efforts to increase federal funding for Lyme disease research.
  • Meeting with Congresswoman Barbara Lee and the need for a lobbyist.
  • Formation of the Center for Lyme Action and its first event in 2019.
  • The Kay Hagan Tick Act Its journey, renaming, and the speed of its enactment.

Impact of Advocacy:

  • The significance of continuous funding for researchers in Lyme disease.
  • Role of private foundations in creating a pool of exceptional researchers.
  • Future projections: Improving diagnostics first, followed by therapeutics.


  • Gratitude for connections made in the Lyme community.
  • The complexity of understanding neurological disease.
  • Acknowledgment of the good science and good work being done in the field.
  • Appreciation for the network and shared experiences.

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