Tick Boot Camp

Episode 184: Gracefully Fed - an interview with Traci Weintraub

Traci's Lyme journey inspired her to open a Lyme-friendly soup business

1 year ago

Traci Weintraub is a 40-year-old entrepreneur and sitcom television entertainment professional from West Hollywood, California. Originally from the Long Island, New York region of the east coast Lyme belt, Ms. Weintraub moved to California after she graduated from college. She enjoyed an active professional, social and athletic west coast lifestyle until she began to suffer leg heaviness and pain, migraines and POTS symptoms shortly after she ran a half marathon in memory of a deceased friend. Her diverse symptoms caused her to treat with 19 doctors on both coasts before she was prescribed an IGeneX Lyme disease test by an Integrative Gastroenterologist. Today, her Lyme disease is remitted after utilizing a diverse set of treatment tools, including, antibiotics, herbs, ozone, and dietary changes. Her Lyme mandated dietary changes inspired her to develop Lyme and chronic illness friendly soup recipes that later became the foundation of a new career. If you would like to know more about how Gracefully Fed, a Lyme and chronic illness friendly soup and food business was inspired by the healing journey of a Hollywood TV sitcom professional, then tune in now!

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