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Episode 196: The Bionic Woman - an interview with Meghan Bradshaw

Meghan overcame the grief of Lyme to discover her life's passion

2 years ago

Megan Bradshaw is a 28-year-old fashion industry professional and Lyme disease policy activist from Waxham, North Carolina. Since childhood, she has answered the call to public service. She volunteered for church clothing drives, served families at the Ronald McDonald House, and assisted breast cancer survivors during her time managing a lingerie business in the fashion industry.

Ms. Bradshaw’s professional and health journeys kicked off at the same moment in time. While she was blessed with rapid advancement in her career, she was forced to manage the curse of rapidly declining health.

Ms. Bradshaw sought treatment for her failing health at the leading medical institutions in the United States, including the Cleveland Clinic, Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital and Vanderbilt University. Unfortunately, a misdiagnosis resulted in a treatment prescription “that opened the flood gates” for Lyme disease to cause orthopedic injuries requiring multiple joint replacement surgeries.

Ms. Bradshaw’s painful journey has caused her to earn superhero status in the Lyme disease community. By overcoming medical trauma to become a more effective and focused public servant, she has become affectionately known as the Bionic Woman of Lyme.

Today, Ms. Bradshaw is using her time on medical leave to focus on tick-borne disease advocacy and fundraising. She is also preparing for an educational and career pivot to public policy and administration in the health care/disability industry.

If you would like to learn more about how a benevolent spirit used Lyme disease to build the Bionic Woman of Lyme, then tune in now!

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