Tick Boot Camp

Episode 410: Lyme in Norway - an interview with Paola Giometti

1 month ago

Join us in this compelling episode of the Tick Boot Camp Podcast as we explore the journey of Paola Giometti, a Brazil-born biologist now residing in Tromsø, Norway, who has been navigating the challenges of Lyme disease. Alongside our host, Matt Sabatello, and special guest co-host, Max Noir, we delve into Paola’s personal and professional life, her battle with Lyme disease, and her insights on overcoming the struggles associated with this tick-borne illness.

  • Introduction to Paola Giometti: Learn about Paola's background as a biologist specializing in cancer research, her early life in Brazil, and her move to Norway.
  • Early Symptoms and Misdiagnoses: Paola shares her experience with the onset of Lyme disease at 11 years old, the chronic fatigue, muscle weakness, and the series of misdiagnoses that followed.
  • The Lyme Diagnosis Journey: Discover the long and arduous path to receiving a proper Lyme disease diagnosis at the age of 39, including the challenges faced within the medical community in Norway and Brazil.
  • Treatment and Recovery: Paola discusses her treatment regimen, including the use of combination antibiotics and supplements, and the impact on her daily life and symptoms.
  • Life with Lyme: Insights into how Lyme disease has affected Paola's professional aspirations, social life, and her dream of being an athlete.
  • Advice for Lyme Warriors: Paola offers her advice to others battling Lyme disease and other tick-borne illnesses, emphasizing the importance of seeking a specialist and advocating for one's health.
  • Paola's Message of Hope: Despite the challenges, Paola shares a message of resilience and hope for others suffering from Lyme disease.

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