Tick Boot Camp

S1E115 - Fitness, Faith and Mindset - an interview with Alaina Hamade

Ms. Hamade has used Doxycycline, other oral antibiotics, ozone therapy, supplements and other natural treatments for Lyme disease

a month ago

Tick Boot Camp’s guest today is Alaina Hamade. Ms. Hamade is a 22-year-old health and wellness coach, social media marketer, and podcaster from Pennsylvania. She started experiencing symptoms of a tick disease in high school, after finding a rash on her leg. Soon after, she had migraines, heart problems, panic attacks, and memory issues. She had to drop out of school. After receiving her Lyme diagnosis, Ms. Hamade now focuses on building up a healthy immune system with probiotics and vitamins. If you would like to learn more about why Ms. Hamade will never be able to return to her old self, then tune in now!

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