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Episode 283: A Little More Balanced - an interview with Andi Czyz

Ms. Czyz had to bring her body back into balance before she could heal from Lyme disease

2 months ago

Andi Czyz is a multi-talented 23-year-old Certified Functional Nutrition Practitioner, Holistic Health Practitioner, and Social Media Manager originally from midwestern suburban Illinois.

Ms. Czyz’s Lyme disease journey began when she suffered a tick bite in March 2020. Within weeks she suffered “full body numbness, extreme brain fog, tremors, anxiety, and knee swelling”. Despite displaying classic Lyme disease symptoms, the then uber fit weightlifter had to visit with 6 doctors before she was tested for and diagnosed with Lyme.

After treatment with traditional antibiotics failed to yield symptom relief, she pivoted to a functional medical practice. There she discovered her Lyme illness was working “hand in hand” with a mold illness that was found in her body and her apartment. By treating and resolving the mold illness (CIRS) symptoms, she was offered “a Lyme treatment protocol which cleared up some of the other Lyme symptoms”.

Ms. Czyz’s research during her treatment journey revealed “that not many people post on food” for people managing chronic illness on social media. She decided to fill the gap by creating the “A Little More Balanced” Instagram and website to provide information on “easy to prepare gluten-free, vegan and anti-inflammatory foods”.

If you would like to learn more about how Lyme disease inspired a social media marketing manager and Certified Nutrition Diagnostic Practitioner to build a highly regarded nutrition infotainment platform dedicated to serving the chronically ill, then tune in now!

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