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Episode 412: Collaborative Care - an interview with Leanne Dalton

3 months ago

In this deeply inspiring episode of the Tick Boot Camp podcast, we sit down with Leanne Dalton and her daughter, Claire Dalton. Leanne, a 65-year-old entrepreneur from Utah, shares her harrowing yet uplifting journey battling Lyme disease. Diagnosed later in life after years of misdiagnoses and suffering, her story is enriched by Claire's insights and shared experiences, highlighting not just the challenges of living with Lyme disease but also their profound spiritual journey and holistic approach to healing. Join us as Leanne and Claire discuss the trials, treatments, and triumphs they have experienced on their path to recovery.

  • Introduction
    • Introduction of the episode, guests Leanne and Claire Dalton.
    • Brief overview of Leanne’s background, her struggle with Lyme disease, and Claire’s role in her journey.
  • Early Symptoms and Challenges
    • Leanne shares her initial experiences with Lyme-like symptoms following a vaccination at age 12.
    • Discussion of the progression of her symptoms and the impact on her schooling and early life, with Claire adding her perspective on witnessing her mother’s health challenges.
  • Navigating Misdiagnoses
    • Leanne recounts the long and frustrating journey to a correct diagnosis, supported by Claire’s observations and their family's experiences with the healthcare system.
    • Exploration of the various misdiagnoses and treatments Leanne underwent over the years.
  • Diagnosis and Comprehensive Treatment
    • The moment of diagnosis: How it came about and Leanne’s initial reactions, with Claire discussing her simultaneous diagnosis and treatment experiences.
    • An in-depth look at the various treatments they pursued, from conventional medicine to alternative therapies such as IV ozone, red light therapy, and more.
  • The Role of Spirituality and Personal Growth
    • Leanne and Claire discuss how spirituality played a crucial role in their recovery.
    • Insights into how they use their faith and personal research to manage their health.
  • Advocacy and Advice
    • Leanne and Claire’s efforts in Lyme disease advocacy and community support.
    • Practical advice for those currently battling Lyme and other tick-borne diseases, shared from both generational perspectives.
  • Preventive Measures and Environmental Awareness
    • Tips on preventing Lyme disease and promoting a healthy, toxin-free lifestyle.
    • Discussion on the importance of understanding environmental impacts on health, with contributions from both Leanne and Claire.
  • Closing Thoughts
    • Reflections on their journey and how it has transformed their lives and outlooks.
    • Encouragement and empowering words for listeners dealing with similar challenges.
  • Outro
    • Summary of key points discussed.
    • Thanks to Leanne and Claire Dalton for sharing their stories.
    • Reminder for listeners to subscribe and follow Tick Boot Camp for more inspiring stories.

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