Tick Boot Camp

Episode 257: Vital Side - an interview with Lindsay Mitchell

Learn how Lindsay used brain retraining to overcome chronic Lyme disease and how she's now helping others in the community

4 months ago

This week Tick Boot Camp invited Lindsay Mitchell, founder and CEO of Vital-Side, to discuss the membership program that empowers people suffering with chronic illness and limbic system impairment to retrain their brain out of the chronic stress response to gain relief from their symptoms. In this comprehensive interview, Ms. Mitchell discusses:

  • Her experience of having recovered from Lyme disease
  • How Vital-Side’s application of mental exercises and techniques are designed to take the brain from a state of survival to one of growth and repair
  • That the Vital-Side tools are non-invasive, empowering and backed by the latest science
  • How she has worked with thousands of people worldwide teaching about the healing properties of the brain
  • How the Vital-Side 4 step method of Reset, Rewire, Elevate, and Regulate is designed to retrain the brain to achieve long term sustainable results

If you would like to learn more about how you could benefit from the Vital-Side approach to rewiring your brain to optimize its function and allow your body to rest, then tune in now!

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