Tick Boot Camp

Episode 389: Genesis Center - an interview with Doctor Mack H. Sloan Jr.

3 months ago

Today's guest is Dr. Hank Sloan, an esteemed practitioner renowned for his expertise in SOT, Stem Cells, Peptides, NAD, Nootropics, and Ketamine therapies.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Dr. Sloan's Personal Connection with Lyme Disease:
    • Dr. Sloan discusses his experiences growing up in Deep South Georgia, being covered with ticks, and how he believes he grew up with Lyme disease.
  2. The Tiring Journey of Misdiagnosis:
    • Many patients go from doctor to doctor, medical center to medical center, without finding solutions. Dr. Sloan touches on the frustrations many face and the lowered expectations patients can develop.
  3. Learning from Experience and Self-Healing:
    • Dr. Sloan's own health journey involved understanding mast cells before they became widely recognized. His path of self-healing changed his perspective on traditional medical schooling.
  4. The Role of Diagnostic Labs:
    • Emphasis on the significance of medical diagnostic labs like those in New Jersey. Dr. Sloan praises the precision of Vibrant Labs and Medical Diagnostic Labs (MDL), even over established names like LabCorp and Quest.
  5. Understanding Lyme Through Graphs:
    • Dr. Sloan describes an insightful "camel humps" graph to help visualize the Lyme infection process as it relates to antibody development and testing.
  6. Holistic Approach vs. Traditional Treatment Philosophy:
    • Delving into the difference between treating pure Lyme bacteria vs. treating Lyme bacteria and the person as a whole, which Dr. Sloan calls Quantum Medicine.
  7. Lyme Impact on the Immune System:
    • Dr. Sloan challenges the commonly accepted narrative of autoimmunity, emphasizing that the immune system doesn't randomly attack healthy cells.
  8. SOT (Supportive Oligonucleotide Technique):
    • Dr. Sloan discusses the efficacy of SOT, a treatment that has gained traction due to its targeted approach.
  9. Role of Environment in Treatment:
    • Importance of understanding and altering the patient's environment, especially in cases where mold plays a significant role.
  10. Advanced Treatments and Therapies:
    • Dr. Sloan's expertise in stem cells, Peptides, NAD, Nootropics, and ketamine therapies offers a comprehensive approach to rebuilding patients post-treatment.
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