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Episode 158: Lyme Educator - an interview with Sara Tyghter

Ms. Tyghter received a false-negative Lyme disease test years before getting properly diagnosed and finally getting a positive test

a month ago

Sarah Tyghter is the 55-year-old Director of Education and Outreach at the Global Lyme Alliance. Ms. Tyghter is a lifelong resident of the state of Connecticut, the birthplace of Lyme disease. Despite attending primary and collegiate educational institutions in close proximity to Lyme, Connecticut, Ms. Tyghter received no Lyme health related education or training until she began to work at the Global Lyme Alliance. Ms. Tyghter’s classic Lyme disease symptoms were not properly diagnosed by her doctors for 5 years. If you would like to learn more about how a Lyme educator is tirelessly working with the Global Lyme Alliance to bring Lyme disease awareness and education to the world, then tune in now!

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