Tick Boot Camp

S1E99 - Dancing in the Narrows – an interview with Dana and Anna Penenberg

Learn About a Mother-Daughter Odyssey Through Chronic Lyme Disease

5 months ago

Tick Boot Camp’s guests today are Dana and Anna Penenberg. We’re excited to feature them this week, because Anna’s book, Dancing in the Narrows: A Mother-Daughter Odyssey Through Chronic Illness, comes out Tuesday, July 7th. Dana was a 16-year-old sophomore in high school when she first started to experience the symptoms of a tick disease. At the same time, Anna was a single mother of two, working as a therapist. Suddenly, Dana started to experience flu-like symptoms, including a fever, body aches, and brain fog. Anna didn’t know why her healthy, successful daughter couldn’t get out of bed. Ten doctors and a year later, Dana was finally diagnosed with Lyme. If you would like to learn more about Dana and Anna’s journey with Lyme and gain some more insight into their book, then tune in now!

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