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Episode 422: Lyme Crimes - an interview with Julie Mellae

15 days ago

In this episode of the Tick Boot Camp Podcast, host Matt Sabatello and guest special guest co-host Kelsey Hall welcome Julie Mellae, a passionate Lyme disease advocate and author of Australian Lyme Crimes: The Global Disgrace. Julie shares her personal journey battling Lyme disease and the extensive research she conducted for her book, revealing startling findings about the disease's origins and the systemic denial by medical authorities.

  • Julie's Personal Lyme Journey:
    • Life Before Lyme:
      • Julie was an active corporate executive, glass artist, and single mother living in Sydney, Australia.
      • She lived a vibrant life, balancing her career in advertising with her passion for art and raising her son.
    • Onset of Symptoms:
      • Julie first noticed symptoms in 2015 at the age of 56, experiencing heavy bruising, fatigue, weight loss, balance and speech issues, skin problems, and heart issues.
      • Despite visiting 8 doctors, she faced misdiagnoses such as hypochondria and flu before receiving a Lyme disease diagnosis at 58.
    • Diagnosis and Treatment:
      • Julie was diagnosed through both clinical evaluation and blood tests.
      • She received no conventional medical treatments but instead turned to alternative therapies like Valacyclovir, Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN), herbs, Rife therapy, Reiki, and massage.
      • Her struggle to find a compassionate doctor who acknowledged Lyme disease highlights the systemic issues in medical recognition and treatment of the disease in Australia.
    • Impact on Life:
      • Julie describes the significant reduction in energy and strength, making it difficult to maintain her previous lifestyle.
      • She continues to manage her condition with various holistic approaches and advocates for awareness and support for Lyme sufferers.
  • Julie's Book and Research:
    • Australian Lyme Crimes: The Global Disgrace:
      • Julie‚Äôs book delves into her personal battle with Lyme disease and explores the controversial origins of the disease.
      • She investigates the potential use of Lyme disease as a bioweapon, implicating collaborations between the US, Russia, and Australia.
      • The book highlights the systemic denial and negligence by the medical community and government authorities.
    • Key Findings and Insights:
      • Julie's research uncovers the roles of figures like Willy Burgdorfer, Dr. Erich Traub, and Dr. Allen Steere in the bioweapons history and denial of Lyme disease.
      • She emphasizes the need for acknowledgment of Lyme disease across the world and better support for those affected.
    • Advocacy and Awareness:
      • Julie continues to raise awareness through her book, public speaking, and active participation in support groups.
      • She advocates for holistic and preventive measures, emphasizing the importance of protection against tick bites.

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