Tick Boot Camp

S1E86 - The Blue Bird - an interview with Jody Hudson

Jody Hudson is carrying on her daughter’s legacy to help others with Lyme Disease and MCAS through the Alex Hudson Lyme Foundation

4 months ago

Tick Boot Camp’s guest today is Jody Hudson from the Alex Hudson Lyme Foundation. Ms. Hudson joins the podcast today on behalf of her daughter, Alex. Ms. Hudson is from Fresno, California. Her daughter grew up a typical, healthy girl who loved to play sports. When Alex was in 5th grade, she started to experience joint pain. Doctors found nothing and dismissed Alex as a medical mystery for 10 years. She was correctly diagnosed with Lyme in May 2017, but it was too late. Lyme triggered Mast Cell Activation Syndrome (MCAS) in Alex, and the two diseases destroyed her body. She was never able to gain control of her illness and passed away in March of 2018. As Alex was always service oriented, once she was diagnosed with Lyme, she wanted to help others. If you would like to learn about how Ms. Hudson is carrying on her daughter’s legacy through the Alex Hudson Lyme Foundation, then tune in now!

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