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Episode 382: Reclaiming Health - an interview with Lacey Anderson


  • Today’s special guest: Lacey Anderson, a Registered Nurse (RN) with a specialty in Sexually Transmitted Infections and mental health from Alberta, Canada.
  • The focus of today's episode: Lacey's personal and professional journey dealing with Lyme disease, Bartonella, Ehrlichia, and Toxoplasmosis.
  • Why you don't want to miss this: Lacey's rich clinical experience coupled with her personal journey through chronic illnesses offers a nuanced perspective on mental and physical health.

The Healthcare System: A Double-Edged Sword

  • Personal challenges faced within the Canadian healthcare system.
  • Comparisons between U.S. and Canadian healthcare models, particularly in treating chronic conditions.

Nervous System Health

  • Deep dive into how the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems are affected by chronic conditions like Lyme.
  • Suggestions for potential treatment protocols.

Navigating the Healthcare System

  • Importance of clear communication with healthcare professionals.
  • Lacey's tips, especially valuable given her experience as a nurse.

Medical Frameworks: Blessing or Curse?

  • An exploration of medical frameworks, both as a patient and healthcare provider.
  • How these frameworks can be restrictive when dealing with complex illnesses.

Holistic Health: A New Approach

  • Lacey's holistic approach to treating her conditions.
  • The intersection of physical, emotional, and spiritual elements in healthcare.

Conditions and Treatment Regimens

  • Current treatments Lacey is undergoing for her diagnoses.
  • The power of herbal protocols and lifestyle changes.

Sensation, Pain, and Chronic Illness

  • Lacey's experiences with internal organ sensation changes and "thunderclap headaches."
  • Why understanding the unique types of pain can help in treatment.

Transmission of Lyme and Co-Infections

  • Existing research and gaps in understanding Lyme transmission, particularly in sexual transmission.
  • Lacey's expert insights into this controversial topic.

Closing Remarks

  • How you can follow Lacey's ongoing journey and glean more insights into chronic illness management.

Episode 381: Lyme in the UK - an interview with Tom Davies

In this episode of Tick Boot CampPodcast, we sit down with Tom Davies from Liverpool, England, who shares his incredible journey of battling Lyme disease. From initial symptoms to self-diagnosis, navigating the medical system, and finding relief, Tom provides invaluable insights for those struggling with tick-borne illnesses.

Meet Tom Davies

  • Tom Davies hails from Liverpool, England.
  • Co-host Kahlil Fuller joins for this special episode.

Liverpool: More Than Just The Beatles

  • Tom discusses the virtues of living in Liverpool, touching on its famous landmarks, sports culture, and more.

Tom’s Life Before Illness

  • A look into Tom's professional life and the stressors that might have impacted his health.

Struggling with the Healthcare System

  • The journey of dealing with various doctors and navigating through an often unhelpful medical system.

Symptoms and Diagnosis

  • Tom's experiences with varied and terrifying symptoms that led him to suspect Lyme disease.

Emotional Impact and Support System

  • Tom talks about the emotional toll the disease has taken on him and how his aunt and others have been instrumental in his support system.

Finding the Right Doctor

  • Tom’s trip to Dublin to consult with Dr. Lambert, who finally provided effective treatment options.

Treatment Journey

  • Tom's six-month treatment course, which involved multiple rounds of antibiotics and its impact.

Social Life and Impact

  • How Lyme disease affected his social interactions and relationships with friends and family.

Tom’s Advice for Others

  • Trust your gut, communicate openly, and focus on educating yourself about your condition.

Future Plans

  • Tom discusses returning to his passion for music and looking forward to a Lyme-free life.

Closing Thoughts: Tom’s story serves as an inspiration for others navigating the complex world of Lyme disease. His courage and perseverance provide hope for those on a similar journey. Thank you for tuning into this episode of Tick Boot Camp Podcast. Make sure to subscribe so you don't miss any upcoming episodes.

Episode 380: Walk the Lyme - an interview with TJ Nelson

  • Introduction
    • Special guest introduction: TJ Nelson from Las Vegas, Nevada
    • Spotlight: Ashley Marba special guest co-host
    • Background: TJ's Utah roots, his worldwide travels, and his ongoing Lyme journey
  • The Early Years: High School to College
    • TJ's challenges during his high school to college transition
    • Personal tragedies: His parents’ separation and the loss of his brother
    • Mental health struggles and the initial steps taken
  • Diving into International Waters
    • TJ's leap into international entrepreneurship: From Thailand to Chile
    • Introduction to DominateDepression.com: TJ’s initiative to battle mental health issues
    • A brief reflection on the beauty of other cultures and their community-driven approach
  • Lyme Disease, Bartonella, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, and Mycoplasma
    • The Bartonella problem: Unraveling the mysterious stomach scratch
    • The turning point in San Diego: TJ's appointment with a pivotal doctor
    • Challenges with Western medication: A patient's perspective
  • Deep Dive into Alternative Treatments
    • TJ's take on ozone therapy and its benefits
    • The intense experiences with hyperthermia and its impact on Lyme symptoms
    • The power and potential of stem cells in treating Lyme
    • Experimenting with peptides: thymosin alpha, thymosin beta, LL-37, BPC-157, and more.
  • The Psychedelics Conversation
    • An open discussion about the growing interest in psychedelics for treating chronic ailments
    • How altering brain states can pave the way for new, healing neural pathways
  • Other Avenues Explored
    • The Cowden Protocol: A herbal approach to Lyme
    • Bee Venom Therapy (BVT): The buzz around its effectiveness for TJ
    • Dietary shifts: From carnivore diets to other alternative food plans
  • Walk the Lyme: A Closer Look at TJ’s Book
    • The inspiration behind Walking the Lyme and its core message
    • Aiming to provide hope, validation, and a guiding light to those battling Lyme
    • TJ's business side: Balancing health while scaling ventures
  • Mental Wellbeing and Future Plans
    • Emphasis on parasympathetic activities: Neurofeedback, meditation, and yoga
    • TJ’s goals: A sneak peek into his aspirations and the road to achieving them
  • Conclusion
    • Ashley’s heartwarming reflection on TJ’s resilience and growth journey
    • Final remarks from the host and looking ahead to future episodes

Episode 379: Unyielding Spirit - an interview with Nina Yaguala


  • Host Rich Johannesen and special guest co-host Emma Pikoulas introduce the episode and the long-awaited interview with Nina Yagual.

Nina's Background:

  • Nina shares the unexpected tale of her birth in New York and growing up in Central Florida.
  • Discussion about her childhood in Florida, the environment, and memories.

The Onset of Lyme:

  • Nina recalls being 24 when symptoms first appeared.
  • The incident with a tick bite and the immediate aftermath.
  • Nina's early medication journey: experiences with Doxycycline and initial treatments.

Diagnosis & Validation:

  • The struggles of not having health insurance and the subsequent journey to get diagnosed.
  • Nina's experience with an herbal protocol.
  • The importance and significance of a formal diagnosis and the emotional relief it brought.

Embracing a New Lifestyle:

  • Nina's transformative journey: recognizing triggers, managing stress, and the significance of diet.
  • An in-depth look into her new custom herbal blends tailored to her needs.
  • The essence of decluttering and creating a calming environment at home.

Acceptance & Relationships:

  • Nina's approach to establishing boundaries and managing social interactions.
  • Embracing freedom from societal constraints and focusing on personal well-being.
  • The power of emotions and how Nina used them as tools in her healing journey.

Serving the Lyme Community:

  • Nina's ongoing outreach on platforms like Instagram.
  • The significance of a safe, organized space, especially for those with chronic illness.
  • Nina's previous interactions with Lyme patients before her own diagnosis.


  • The hosts reflect on the episode and express gratitude for Nina's insights.
  • Emphasizing the importance of early detection and treatment of Lyme.

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Note: The show notes provide a summarized overview of the podcast episode. For a complete understanding and more in-depth discussions, please tune in!

Episode 378: Center for Lyme Action - an interview with Bonnie Crater


  • Bonnie Crater, a renowned name in the Lyme disease community.
  • Received numerous inquiries from listeners eager to hear her story.
  • Nicole Bell special guest co-hosting with Rich Johannesen

Background & Personal Story:

  • Bonnie's early life in Portola Valley, California.
  • Journey into microbiology and winning the science prize in high school.
  • Experiences at the University of Richmond and experiments in labs.
  • Entry into the tech business; starting a hat company in Princeton.
  • Venture into the computer industry and running a computer store.

The Lyme Connection:

Bay Area Lyme Foundation:

  • The discovery of high rates of Lyme disease-carrying ticks in California.
  • The initial projects and efforts to educate people about Lyme disease in California.
  • Mission of Bay Area Lyme Foundation.
  • Partnering with government organizations like NIST to understand the hurdles in Lyme disease research.
  • The need for better diagnostics for early and accurate Lyme detection.

Center for Lyme Action:

  • The initiative to attract new researchers to the field.
  • Bonnie's efforts to increase federal funding for Lyme disease research.
  • Meeting with Congresswoman Barbara Lee and the need for a lobbyist.
  • Formation of the Center for Lyme Action and its first event in 2019.
  • The Kay Hagan Tick Act Its journey, renaming, and the speed of its enactment.

Impact of Advocacy:

  • The significance of continuous funding for researchers in Lyme disease.
  • Role of private foundations in creating a pool of exceptional researchers.
  • Future projections: Improving diagnostics first, followed by therapeutics.


  • Gratitude for connections made in the Lyme community.
  • The complexity of understanding neurological disease.
  • Acknowledgment of the good science and good work being done in the field.
  • Appreciation for the network and shared experiences.

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Episode 377: Tick Mitt - an interview with Olivia and Steve Abrams

Join us and special guest co-host Ali Moresco in a riveting episode as we sit down with Olivia and Steve Abrams, the brains behind the innovative Tick Mitt. With tick-borne illnesses on the rise, the Abrams share their personal experiences and insights into the world of ticks and Lyme disease and introduce us to a game-changing product.


  • Introduction to Olivia and Steve Abrams from Tick Mitt
  • Tick Mitt's success in just four months
  • Co-host Ali Moresco joins the conversation
  • A deep dive into Steve's childhood and experience with ticks
  • The changing landscape of Lyme disease awareness
  • Olivia's personal journey with Lyme disease
  • The importance of Lyme disease diagnosis and treatment
  • Introduction to Tick Mitt - A solution to tick worries
  • The science behind Tick Mitt
  • Benefits and usage of Tick Mitt
  • Tick Mitt's affordable price point
  • Olivia and Steve's ongoing health after Lyme disease
  • Olivia's academic journey and her drive to be a social entrepreneur

Mentioned in this Episode:

Episode Wrap-up: The Tick Boot Camp podcast wishes to thank Olivia and Steve Abrams for their insightful discussion on the challenges and nuances of Lyme disease. Their invention, the Tick Mitt, promises to revolutionize how we approach tick prevention. Don't forget to check out their website and incorporate the Tick Mitt into your daily tick-check routine! Stay safe and tick-free!

Episode 376: My Lyme Doc - an interview with Doctor Diane Mueller

In this episode of our Tick Boot Camp Podcast, we welcome back Dr. Diane Mueller, a leading voice in Lyme disease treatment, and co-host Michelle McKeon, a specialist in tick-borne infections and environmental toxins.

Introduction: Dr. Diane Mueller makes a much-anticipated return to our community to discuss updates in her practice. Joining her is Michelle McKeon, who specializes in Lyme disease co-infections and environmental toxins.

Treatment Approach: Dr. Mueller shares her four-phase method for dealing with complex tick-borne and environmental illness scenarios, focusing on understanding the body's needs before implementing treatment.

Lifestyle Adjustment: Dr. Mueller explains the importance of lifestyle changes such as the incorporation of daily movement and the benefits of managing stress.

Mental Health Aspect: We delve into the realm of mental health, discussing the crucial role of asking the right questions to promote healing.

Exploring Peptides: Dr. Mueller shares her insights into the potential benefits of peptides, specifically KPV and BPC-157, for helping manage Lyme disease symptoms and promoting healing.

Managing Persister Cells: Learn about persister cells, the dormant form of Lyme disease, and the strategies Dr. Mueller uses to combat them, such as pulsation therapy and autologous immune enhancement therapy.

Dr. Mueller's Book: Dr. Mueller has released a new edition of her book, "It's Not in Your Mind". She shares some of the key differences and additional topics covered in the new edition.

My Libido Doc: Dr. Mueller introduces her new practice, "My Libido Doc", a platform designed to address relationship and sexual health issues often affected by Lyme disease.

Mold and Mycotoxins: The discussion delves into the dangers of mold and mycotoxins, testing, and potential treatment options.

Supporting Mitochondrial Health: Finally, Dr. Mueller provides tips on how to support mitochondrial health, which is crucial for overall wellness, especially when dealing with chronic illness.


Episode 375: Galaxy Diagnostics - an interview with Doctor Amanda Elam

In this enlightening episode, we converse with Doctor Amanda Elam, CEO of Galaxy Diagnostics and an influential figure in tick-borne disease research. We gain insights into her work with Nicole Bell, her journey from academia to entrepreneurship, and how her company is spearheading innovative approaches to diagnose and manage tick-borne diseases.

Key Points

  1. Introduction: Discover the backgrounds of Amanda Elam and Nicole Bell, who've been dedicated to studying and combating tick-borne diseases.
  2. Journey from Academia to Entrepreneurship: Amanda talks about her journey from an uncertain young graduate to a passionate entrepreneurship nerd. Learn about her experiences in software startups and how she fell in love with innovation.
  3. Transition to the Field of Tick-Borne Diseases: Learn about Amanda’s transition into the field of tick-borne diseases. She discusses the current market dynamics, the increasing suspicion around commercial entities, and the vital role they play in solving problems.
  4. Innovation in Diagnostics and Medicine: Delve into the discussion of innovative diagnostic methods and medical approaches being used to tackle chronic illnesses. Get a glimpse into the criticism of the insurance model and how it affects patient-physician dynamics.
  5. Challenges and Potential Frontiers in Medicine: Understand the challenges that professionals encounter in the medical and research domains. Learn about the potential new frontiers in medicine and how we can leverage advanced testing techniques to diagnose diseases accurately.
  6. The Role of Infection in Chronic Illness: Amanda discusses the role of infection in chronic illnesses and the emergence of a new germ theory of disease. She talks about the cutting-edge research being done to understand this correlation better.
  7. The Interplay Between Research and Clinical Community: Dive into the discourse around the interplay between the research and clinical community, and how it affects patient treatment. Understand why Lyme disease has become a poster child for the One Health movement.
  8. Gender Studies and Lyme Disease: Explore how gender affects the experience and treatment of Lyme disease. Understand the difference between male and female biology, and how hormonal transitions can impact the severity of diseases.
  9. The Importance of Accurate Diagnostic Testing: Recognize the critical role of accurate diagnostic testing in Lyme disease treatment. Amanda shares how false negatives and misdiagnosis can lead patients down wrong paths and prolong their suffering.
  10. Closing Remarks: As we conclude the episode, we extend our gratitude to Amanda Elam for her enlightening insights into the world of tick-borne diseases, the challenges she's faced, and the innovative solutions she is advocating for.

Episode 374: Armin Labs - an interview with Doctor Armin Schwarzbach

In this episode, we are incredibly fortunate to host none other than Dr. Armin Schwarzbach, a tour de force in Lyme disease research and a pioneer in its diagnosis and treatment. Hailing from Germany, Dr. Armin's contributions have illuminated the international stage, leaving an indelible impact on thousands of lives across the globe.

Key Highlights:

  1. Dr. Armin Schwarzbach's Background: Dr. Armin, a globally recognized Lyme disease expert based in Germany, started his medical journey in multiple hospitals and labs, gradually progressing to laboratory medicine. He's the founder of the internationally acclaimed Armin Labs that performs over 500 daily tests for the Lyme community, serving over 150 countries.
  2. Dr. Armin's Contribution to Lyme Education: Beyond diagnostics, Dr. Armin dedicates his time to educating other doctors about Lyme disease. He's part of the International Lyme and Associated Disease Society (ILADS) and the International Lyme and Associated Disease Education Foundation (ILADEF).
  3. From Treating a Spectrum of Diseases to Lyme Specialization: Dr. Armin has an impressive history of diagnosing and treating diseases from AIDS, malaria, to salmonella. His focus shifted to Lyme disease after witnessing the transformative impact of Lyme treatment on multiple sclerosis patients.
  4. Active Involvement in Medical Organizations: Dr. Armin is deeply involved in both American and European medical organizations, aiming to spread knowledge and establish more effective Lyme disease treatment protocols.
  5. Opening Armin Labs: Armin Labs was born out of Dr. Armin's commitment to aiding the Lyme community. The decision to establish the lab wasn't profit-driven; instead, it was about delivering quality service to a largely underserved community.
  6. The Multi-Faceted Nature of Lyme Disease: Lyme disease isn't a simple one-bug, one-drug issue. The disease involves complex interactions between the infection, inflammation, and immune dysfunction. Individualized diagnostic profiles are necessary to develop effective treatments.
  7. Quality and Affordability of Lyme Testing: Dr. Armin emphasizes the need for affordable and quality Lyme disease tests. His lab offers comprehensive tests that check for a broad spectrum of infections, inflammatory markers, and immune dysfunction markers.
  8. Understanding Co-Infections: Besides Borrelia, the bacterium that causes Lyme, many other infections could trigger similar symptoms. Doctors and patients should be aware of the complex nature of co-infections in Lyme disease management.
  9. Findings from Dr. Armin's Research Study: One of Dr. Armin's studies found that a significant number of patients diagnosed with fibromyalgia had antibodies for Borrelia, indicating a potential misdiagnosis or overlooked co-infection.
  10. Dr. Armin's Future Plans: Dr. Armin's ongoing mission is to continue improving Lyme disease testing and developing more effective, affordable treatments. He is also pushing for greater cooperation with vets to improve Lyme disease understanding and diagnosis.

Episode 373: Decoding Lyme - an interview with Doctor Shannon White


In today's episode, we host Dr. Shannon White, a seasoned professional in the healthcare community who's become a leading voice in Lyme disease treatment. Joining her are Rich Johannesen and special guest co-host Tiara Smith, who together will navigate the intricacies of Lyme disease, its co-infections, and the often complex treatment process.

The Journey of Dr. Shannon White

Dr. White shares her personal and professional journey. Raised in Iowa, she was always a nature enthusiast, which ironically exposed her to ticks and the risk of Lyme disease. Dr. White was fascinated by health and biology from a young age, leading her to choose a career as a chiropractor. However, her quest for knowledge led her to explore further – delving into acupuncture and herbalism.

Understanding Lyme

Dr. White's passion for learning and dedication to her patients led her to investigate deeper into recurring patterns in their health issues. This journey led her to explore the realm of Lyme disease. The conversation steers into discussing the complications of Lyme disease and its co-infections, where she highlights the importance of tailored treatment plans.

Discovering a New Approach

Dr. White touches upon a novel approach to diagnosis using a meridian-based machine called The Reflex. This innovative device detects the stress level in the body by analyzing the reactions to vials containing imprints of different viruses and bacteria DNA.

Treating Lyme and Co-Infections

Dr. White discusses her approach to treating Lyme disease, co-infections, and the challenging process of determining which condition to address first. With the help of DesBio, a series of homeopathic remedies, and customized treatment plans, she has been able to help many of her patients recover.

The Nutrition Factor

The podcast covers the importance of nutrition in Lyme treatment. Dr. White recommends reducing the intake of dairy, corn, soy, gluten, and sugar to aid in recovery. She also emphasizes the importance of addressing any existing digestive issues.

Lyme in Children

Dr. White shares her experience treating children with Lyme disease and PANDAS/PANS, describing her joy in seeing them recover. She stresses the importance of listening to patients to fully understand their condition and develop the best treatment plan.

Mold as a Co-factor

Our conversation takes an unexpected turn when Dr. White discusses the impact of mold on Lyme disease. She shares patient stories where unexplained symptoms and stubborn Lyme cases were finally resolved after addressing hidden mold issues in the patients' environments.

Parting Thoughts

The podcast concludes with Dr. White sharing what she wishes more people knew about Lyme disease, emphasizing that it's not just deer ticks that can cause the condition. She encourages listeners to be vigilant and informed about this complex disease.

Closing Remarks

Our co-hosts thank Dr. White for her valuable insights and the knowledge she shared about Lyme disease, promising to continue the conversation in future episodes.

Tune in to this episode to learn more about Dr. Shannon White's journey, her approach to treating Lyme disease, and how she is making a difference in the healthcare community.

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